The New Business Casual

As business women start to return to the office, will they dress the same as they did pre-pandemic or is casual attire the new norm? My answer is closer to pre-pandemic, but I do predict a more relaxed style in these next few months, in this transition back to normal…speaking from experience as I dress up for work every day, it feels out of place to be head to toe conservative business attire…this is not to say that I avoid blazers, skirts, or even heels, but my work outfits of late have at least one component that is edgy, casual, or fun…the image portrayed: I am serious and professional, but I am also current and aware of the world around me…

An outfit I wore this week, for example, has elements of conservative as well as fun/casual…starting with the shoes: this is the first time that I wore these shoes in over a year! Until recently they felt too ‘pre-pandemic’ conservative, but with this mix they felt just right…

This white shirt is by Frank and Eileen, the style is their ‘Barry’…it’s a heavy oxford cloth that I previously only wore as casual wear…same as the belt (BRAVE brand) – a favorite casual accessory…now wearing both to work!

Adding a black blazer (Theory) was the last piece to finish the outfit…or so I thought…

At the last minute – literally I had a foot out the door – I ran up to my bedroom and grabbed this scarf…

What do you think – with or without the scarf?

The Bottom Line:

  • Covid has not affected eyesight – if you are out in the world, people SEE you. Dress for the image you want to portray.
  • If you want a more relaxed look, choose one or two more casual elements, not the whole outfit.
  • Here I wore ‘dressy’ shoes with some casual pieces; you could alternatively try ‘dressy’ separates (or a dress) with a leather sneaker.

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.

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One Comment

  • I went back to work on August 17th of last year after quarantine was over. I haven’t missed a day. But i find myself dressing a bit more casually. Not jeans but chinos and Italian sneakers . Not sure how long this will last.


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