Old and Bold

Yessiree, the older I get, the bolder I get with style…God only knows what I’ll be dressing like if I live another 25 years! :-0 But as for now, it’s a fun part of every day and I am constantly inspired by the world around me – including, of course, the gals on Instagram…a recent gal that caught my eye was Gina M K from Boston

She recently posted herself in an outfit with a focus on three key pieces: blouse, bustier, and belt. Hmmm, interesting look, I thought! I actually have every single piece to recreate this exactly as she presents, but my black bustier? Fine for date night, but I could never tolerate it for a day at the office…soooo, I changed it up a bit…

Instead of a bustier, a strapless top by Susana Monaco! Comfortable and BOLD at the same time…

With a simple white cotton shirt (Xirena brand), a basic black pencil skirt, and a Versace belt to pull it all together, it was a complete, and definitely unique outfit…hubby saw me and said, “What is that???” Hahaha! Quickly followed up by, “It looks great!” 😉

A fitted cropped blazer by Smythe added extra polish…

And high heels were a must to keep the look sleek and sophisticated…

Ready for business, whether Zooming or in person…but definitely more fun without the jacket on… before closing, I strike a pose in ‘Gina MK style’…

Haha! Hope you enjoyed seeing this IG inspired outfit…it sure was fun to wear!

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.

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