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011 What excites me more than ‘rest and relaxation’? Rag and Ralph!!! Rag and Bone and Ralph Lauren, that is!  This outfit that I wore on a recent casual evening out to dinner has many interesting components…two pieces by Rag and Bone, two by Ralph, three vintage pieces that actually belonged to Ginger. 005

Starting with the basics: off the shoulder sweater by Rag and Bone, it’s dark pine green (they call it ‘Scarab’), in a machine washable rayon/spandex blend, super comfy/soft. (No bra, instead I wear adhesive Breast Shapers for a smooth line – they are GREAT.)  Found the top this month at Intermix in Chestnut Hill.  The pants? My ‘dirty’ Ralph Lauren jeans, found last year at TJMaxx…the belt was Ginger’s, also by Ralph Lauren.012



Two more Ginger treasures:  A silk leopard scarf (Echo) and a tan Gucci clutch.





All pulled together nicely with Stuart Weitzman riding boots. Repeat after me: when the sun goes down, the heels go up!  Makes a huge difference.

019 And finally, the second Rag and Bone piece – the ‘piece de resistance’ –  the wool fedora!  Chic, warm, and comes in a size that fits my big head. Shearling jacket by Andrew Marc bought several years ago at TJ’s. Warmth without bulk is a good thing.

Can’t help but think of my mother when I am excited about an outfit and also realize that multiple pieces belonged to her.  Can only hope that she is smiling down at me and waiting for the next blog post.


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  • love the earth tones…… great look!!!!!

    mixing the pieces makes the outfit chic…. and so stylish…. so not boring ..
    great job!!

  • Love this outfit – I especially love when you mix in Ginger’s items. I adore wearing pieces that belonged to my mother or grandmother. I look forward to the day when I can wear a coat again. It was 76 degrees here today.


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