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Burberry rain coat from Revolve
Burberry rain coat from Revolve
Love the hood!
Love the hood!

I can hear her now – “Always dress according to the weather! Not just to stay warm/dry, you don’t LOOK good if you don’t!” Ginger preached this all the time and my sister and I always had the yellow slickers, the rain boots, the warm socks, like it or not…. Funny how when you’re a kid it seems ‘uncool” to button your coat, wear rain gear, or heaven forbid – scarf and gloves. As an adult, however, I want to be comfortable (warm and dry), and look good – especially with a job that takes me in and out of the car all day…..
Pictured here is a recent great find at Revolve: a Burberry raincoat with a hood!  I already own a traditional Burberry trench, but what about my head???  Honestly, the hood is the best part because when you are carrying a business folder, laptop and purse, who wants to carry an umbrella too?  The coat is also roomy enough to wear a cardigan or jacket underneath…..also could not be without the Marc Jacob rain boots found ten years ago at Barneys – they are completely waterproof and also have a chunky two inch heel which makes me feel more dressed for work and not too schlumpy.   Driving gloves are from Sermoneta – not warm enough for the middle of winter, but they add a finishing touch (and feel good) on a damp day.

Marc Jacobs boots
Marc Jacobs boots

When I see someone “dressed according to the weather” – man or woman – it sends a message to me that they have their act together, in control, practical – and stylish.  Ok, mom, we agree on this one……

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  • Candy, I loved your blog …. So enjoyed all the features….. Age appropriate dressing….. Rain gear outfits….. Etc …. All of it… So fun!


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