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Ginger's Blue Bathroom
Ginger’s Blue Bathroom

Ginger loved cherubs. You know, the chubby baby angels seen in old world frescos and home décor…..If you look closely at Ginger’s blue guest bathroom, you will see cherubs in the wallpaper, on the towels, and a cherub figure hanging on the wall. You would find them gazing down at you in other rooms as well – I do like them, but as of today, do not have any in my home. Ginger also loved figurines: fine quality porcelain figures that reflected something in her life, such as her sibling relationship or my nursing profession ….she would say “I like it when accent pieces mean something“…..honestly, I hated them. Could not stand them. Reflecting back, maybe it was because the supposed “meaning” was not authentic – she did not get along with her sister and I really did not love being a traditional nurse… interesting when you figure things out……Not that I thought this through consciously, but I did not hesitate a moment to bring this “stylish lady” figurine into my home two years ago…

My First Figurine
My First Figurine

She has attitude, confidence, determination – and I love how the dress drapes her curvaceous body. In my dining room, she stands proudly by a photo of my parents. Another detail new in my dining room is a charming set of salt and pepper shakers, a Christmas gift from my daughter and son-in-law.
The salt and pepper goes in the strawberries – how cute is that?! They found this while browsing in an antique shop, thought of me and officially started my collection.

Cutest salt and pepper shakers!
Cutest salt and pepper shakers!

If you are over 50 like me, you might have more “details” than you have room for and start to see it all as clutter – no reason to have it all out at once! That’s what basements and attics are for – or, you may prefer to pass some items on to family/friends and/or sell some to those antique shops where others can find your treasures.

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