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Losing weight or even maintaining your ideal weight is a challenge for many….often times people will “go on a diet” and completely give up the things they love – bread, potato chips, cookies, etc…..very difficult to sustain, not only for controlling your urges, but to be in social situations where temptations are endless…
With a name like Candy, it’s no great surprise that I have a sweet tooth! As the years go by, what I have learned is not to deny myself, but simply to control the portions. Even during times when I was eating to lose a few pounds I always included sweets in my diet – otherwise it would not be reasonable to think I could control the urge for weeks…..and while I like some candy, my real weakness is ice cream…still, never to be denied, I will have a few tablespoons served in a small ramekin – never “light”, never “nonfat” – the real deal, just a small portion. I remember my grandmother (Ginger’s mother) saying, “if it was poison it wouldn’t kill you!” – reminds me of how they say French women watch their portions but always enjoy butter, bread, cream sauces, etc…
The photo above shows my kitchen candy display that changes seasonally, but usually includes the mini York Peppermint Patty which is easy to pop in your handbag, have after lunch for only 30 calories (saves you from the temptation of those huge chocolate chip cookies!)…..sometimes there will be Twizzlers, sometimes hard ginger candy – they are also good to have in your handbag as a quick cure for nausea.
Another decadent treat that is always in my kitchen cupboard is Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate and Fancy Malatya Apricots, found at Whole Foods. You can have two squares of chocolate and three apricots all for about 145 calories, including 2grams of healthy fiber.

Dee - licious!
Dee – licious!

What is it that you can’t resist? Is it potato chips? Bread? Maybe wine??? (Those calories can add up quickly….)
The bottom line: life is short and eating is one of life’s great pleasures – but not the only pleasure!
How do you satisfy your taste buds? Would love to hear…..

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  • Wow, Candy!

    This was so enlightening for me. Usually when I decide to go for ice cream I won’t have the “regular” kind in fear that it will take a toll on my figure if I overindulge. But what you said about French women really struck home! Its all about portion control! In fact, last night after having a healthy dinner with Brad, I was craving a snack and decided to give in and have an Oreo cookie- not only was I surprised that I was so satisfied, but I didn’t feel at all guilty that I was having one! I think most of us are so overcome by the news about American Obesity that it is ingrained in us to treat sweets like poison- but your mother was totally right! I hope that more people will read these blogs because your insight into living healthy AND happy gives me so much hope 🙂


  • I try to find slow churned or frozen yogurt when I buy my ice cream. I also eat it out of a toddler bowl with a baby spoon (I have a 2 and a 4 year old) which makes it last longer.


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