Save Some Sparkle


Remembering back to childhood Christmases, Ginger most often had the tree and decorations down by Christmas night – she was ready to go back to “normal living”. I must confess not to be far behind, not Christmas night, but usually the next day. If, like us, you get your tree as early as possible, the pine needle carpet in the living room signals that the end is near…..but how naked the house looks with all the glitz and glimmer put away! Over the years, I have come to leave out certain decorations, like my snow globes, for the winter months. Just because certain items are featured in shops as holiday décor, it doesn’t mean it’s just for the holidays…if you like rich colors and sparkle, there is no reason not to use it in your home year round, like my candles, below.
Maybe you collect snowmen figures or Christmas cards from years past….leaving them on display beyond the peak holiday season adds warmth, character, and visual variety to your home.


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