As the year 2013 is coming to a close and I think back to all the ups and downs of the year it is remarkable at what a year can hold – and I am grateful for many things: the good prognosis my sister has after two cancer scares, my first grandchild on the way, continued success at work, my healthy 82 year old father…

But beyond grateful is what I feel about my husband of two years, who I met in 2003…..earlier that year my first marriage fell apart, a complete surprise to me, not my choice. I was 45 at the time, married 20 years, with two teenage children. While this is not uncommon in today’s society and perhaps not the worst thing that can happen to anyone, it was the worst thing that ever happened to me and it was a very difficult time to say the least. I can clearly remember saying to my therapist through tears that I did not want to be alone and I was afraid that only the “Joe six pack” types would like me, not “smart/nice” men.

Do I have an angel looking out for me? That is truly how it seems…. Started with a blind date in September of 2003….. For anyone that knows my husband, he is the smartest, kindest, most generous man and completely supports me in every way. We have learned from each other, we ALWAYS have fun, it feels like we were “meant to be” and I could not be happier.

Nobody lives a perfect life. Misfortune is likely to be something you do not expect – it is not what happens to you as much as your attitude and how you react – hopefully with the love and support of family and true friends.

None of us knows what 2014 will bring – my philosophy: enjoy each and every day, “use your good stuff”, wear your nicest clothes, drink the expensive wine….be grateful.

Merry Christmas.

Peter and Candy Christmas

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  • My best friend, Maria Palo shared your blog. I have so enjoyed reading it. Please add me to your list. Thanks, Cindy


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