Don’t wait for loops

wide hip belt
wide hip belt
long belt tucked
long belt tucked

I love belts. The funny thing is, it is most often without belt loops…..Seen in the close-up, to work last week I wore a black braided belt over a cranberry skirt that had no loops; the belt was actually too long for my waist (ok with jeans lower on hips) so I tucked it into itself and it looked nice, added a bit of edge to a plain skirt. Below in the selfie I am wearing a Ralph Lauren belt that belonged to Ginger, low on my hips over a summer peasant dress. This western look belt also looks great with jeans or over a tunic and leggings….(seen in a previous post) The top photo was taken on vacation – a colorful silk tunic that looks more put together with a wide tan belt, low on the hips…the tunic actually has skinny belt loops (for a thin fabric belt it came with) but I ignore them!

Wide belts low on the hips are a fun, more casual look, while a thin belt at the waist is more business appropriate and easier to wear…I especially like caramel colored leather belts worn with black – rather than matching to black. One nice feature of both of these belts is that they are completely adjustable to size, so you can wear them high or low, gain a pound or lose a few…..and not only do I say don’t wait for belt loops to wear a belt, I say it’s sometimes good to remove the loops. That way you don’t need to tuck in and wear the right size belt – you can tuck if you choose or you can wear a sweater on the outside and belt it where it is most flattering to your body.

Are you a belt person? What is your favorite way to wear?

Ginger's belt
Ginger’s belt

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