Scarf Obsessed

My multiplying collection of scarves......
My multiplying collection of scarves……

Looking back to the 1960’s and 1970’s, scarves were very different – they were either the scratchy wool scarves your mother made you wear, or they were the silk squares ladies tied around their necks to look professional or elegant…..Ginger was actually more in the scratchy category, perhaps because she was a stay at home mom…….Well, in the past several years, scarves have exploded and I am officially obsessed…..with just one strip of luxurious fabric you can give your casual or dress clothes a whole new look, spending as little or as much as you choose……they add style and interest to an outfit while at the same time being a practical way to be toasty…..No time to hit the mall? No problem! You can find great scarves in airports, hospital gift shops, small town boutiques, street vendors, you name it….Not just for cold weather, they are for every season, for all ages…..for indoors, for outdoors, for women AND FOR MEN! (Sexy!)
Are you scarf challenged???
– Choose a scarf that FEELS soft against your skin; cashmere blends are nice, many synthetics are just as silky soft.
– Lighter weight scarves are more appropriate to be worn as part of a business outfit; heavy/bulky ones are for casual wear.
– There are many different ways to wear a long scarf – check out YouTube for easy instructions; the scarf should flatter your face, not hide your breasts!
– Select colors that are complementary to your skin tone, grays and beiges can be unflattering.
–  Be sure you have a few solid classic scarves – cream, black, burgundy – before you buy the ‘fun’ prints….
– Plaids (whether Burberry or not) are a great neutral to wear with solids or prints.
– Wear a scarf with long necklace or pin for added interest.
– Check out end of season sales to get the super luxurious fabrics at a bargain!

Fun scarf with gold elephants found this year at PaperSource
Fun scarf with gold elephants found this year at PaperSource….works well with denim jacket too
Silk scarf from Calypso
Silk scarf from Calypso last year…..retailed for over $500, I got it on sale for under $100! It is the softest scarf I own, looks like a work of art.
Lightweight Burberry - one of my favorites!
Lightweight Burberry cashmere – one of my favorites! Wear it year round….
Peter wearing John Varvatos vintage flag
Peter wearing John Varvatos vintage flag


Great cashmere scarf bought this year at Nordstroms
Great cashmere scarf bought this year at Nordstroms; lightweight enough to tie in a dramatic bow


My latest purchase, found at Marmalade in Belmont - like a blanket -  soft and cozy!
My latest purchase, found at Marmalade in Belmont – like a blanket – soft and cozy!

Sometimes I will wear a scarf as an essential part of an outfit – other times it is a layering piece and may go off and on all day… about you?

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  • Great post boss! As you know, I am also scarf “obsessed” like the icing on the cake. They add class, style and a look of completion.


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