Serious and Sassy

Some work days are “regular” days, others are more significant where you may have an important appointment or may be doing a presentation. This was a work day where I had a lunch meeting with a female colleague – someone I have done business with and also connect with on a social level. Chose to wear an outfit that said “professional with bold style”, or “serious and sassy”. Theory jacket has soft leather sleeves, simple silk blouse underneath is elegant and understated. The real statement is the leopard skirt (found in a shop on Martha’s Vineyard) and the Gucci boots (they have a 1960s feel with the gold buckles). The boots are comfortable to walk in all day because of the mid-heel and the squared off toe. Wolford black opaque stockings add to the classy comfort.

Feelin’ good and happy with my choices – too bad the lunch got postponed!
Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Theory jacket, Anthracite by Muse skirt, Ginger's Chanel handbag, Gucci boots
Theory jacket, JMcLaughlin silk blouse, Anthracite by Muse skirt, Ginger’s Chanel handbag, Gucci boots






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