Shoes ON When IN


“Please take your shoes off!!!”………Regardless of whether you were friend, family, or service person – regardless of the weather or time of year – these would be Ginger’s first words as you entered her absolutely meticulous home.

I hated it then.
I hate it now.

I don’t even like it when other people take their shoes off in MY home… you? Is it really an act of respect or is it getting too comfortable?

First, let’s not be germ-o-phobes. Floors need not be bacteria free. A ‘normal’ amount of bacteria is actually considered healthy, ie, overusing sanitizers can actually compromise your immune system…..Second, door mats are made to wipe your feet – how convenient! You can have one on the outside, and one inside your entryway….no need to track in mud for sure, so yes, wipe your feet.

Ok, let’s get to my bottom line: your shoes are an important part of your outfit – you want me to take them off???????? You might as well ask me to take off my pants!! Another point: to me, being barefoot or in stocking feet is for those you are very casual or even intimate with….kind of like being in your pajamas…..when I am visiting in someone’s home – or vice versa – I expect “proper attire” which means keep your shoes on!

Sooooo…….. the bottom line should be to make someone feel comfortable as you welcome them into your home. Whether they want to wear their shoes or not, the host should be respectful. Making people FEEL comfortable and relaxed is what really counts. (Of course, if some of my friends read this they may not feel so comfortable kicking off their shoes…) OK – I am ready to get slammed – what do YOU think???

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