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Wolford multifunction scarf, Eileen Fisher shirt, Wolford tights, Michael Stars scarf, Stuart Weitzman boots
Wolford multifunction scarf, Eileen Fisher skirt, Wolford tights, Michael Stars scarf, Stuart Weitzman boots

I am not a big fan of “Casual Friday”…..Why should anyone look less than their absolute best any one day of the week? Are you still interacting with customers? Are you still interacting with your colleagues? Why would you want to send the message (yes, your clothes sends a message), “I am ready for the weekend, not really in the mood to work today”??? It is not uncommon on Fridays to see business people in jeans worthy of yard work and/or flip flops! When you are at work – every day – your clothes should send the message that you are focused on the job, you are professional……So….you will never ever see me in jeans, leggings, denim, etc. at work. Business is business – five days a week…..Actually, there have even been occasions when I have been called upon to visit a client on the weekend – do you think I dress casual then? The answer is a firm no. I will wear a more relaxed style – for example: a cardigan sweater over a dress or skirt and a lower heel – but still business appropriate.

Ok, ok – you get my point, time to talk about this interesting outfit….worn on a recent Friday! This is what I would categorize as Business Casual, with a lot of flair. I started with a black cotton Eileen Fisher skirt (found at Revolve in Belmont), patterned Wolford tights, and luggage colored boots. On top I put on a basic Wolford tank (you can’t see it in the photo, looks like a leotard) and topped it with this great Wolford ‘multifunction scarf’, which is really a top you can wear eight different ways……Added a belt with elephant buckle (Anthropologie) and a Michael Stars scarf. Still cool outside, so wore my Theory brushed bronze leather jacket. Very stylish, appropriate for work, completely comfortable head to toe.

wolford w theory
photo wolf
This Wolford ‘scarf’ is a great piece! I have worn it in the evening with bold jewelry – and more bare skin – in addition to wearing it to work. I have only worn it three different ways so far. Here are the examples shown on the back of the package – I saved the package because I would never remember the variations without it!

Now let’s get back to Casual Friday – are you a fan?

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