What Makes a Man Sexy?

Sean Connery, 83
Sean Connery, 83

Ask this question to 100 women and you might get 100 different answers….. each of us with our own personal preferences, it’s natural for there to be differences of opinion…..my sister, for one, goes crazy over Bon Jovi and several professional baseball players – neither would be my pick…..and while I can only speak to what appeals to me, I believe that many men would be surprised that being considered sexy is not only about having a chiseled body and a handsome face – the message here for guys is you may be sexier than you realize or perhaps you are just steps away with attention to one or two details….

– Men can be sexy at any age. Sean Connery and George Clooney would be obvious examples….in my days working in a nursing home, I can remember attractive patients in their 80s….no, I am not a weirdo….
– Guys, stop worrying about losing your hair! Thinning hair – doesn’t matter….thinning or bald or gray can all be sexy.
– Being fit is sexy. You need not look like a body builder, but staying trim (or making an effort to get in shape) is not only visually appealing, but it is a reflection of your energy and how you feel about yourself.
– Be a good listener and make eye contact. Showing true interest in your lady is very appealing.
– GOYA (refer to previous post for translation); show a sense of adventure, try new things, go to new places. Be the one to initiate it.
– Pay attention to your clothes….less focus on comfy clothes, more on flattering, well fitting clothes. Lose the baggy pants. Save sneakers for the gym.
– Confidence confidence confidence….not cockiness, but be comfortable with who you are and what you believe in. A real turn on.

Eye contact!
Eye contact!
Fit and well dressed
Confident, fit and well-dressed

My sexy man!
My sexy man!

Maybe you will share this with the sexy man in your life or it will spark a fun conversation with a friend…what I would LOVE to hear is what do YOU think makes a man sexy???

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