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Is it possible to wear a ‘skater skirt’ – a full skirt above the knee – if you are a middle-aged woman? The answer is yes! If you like the style, go for it! There are different ways to wear it that can give you different looks…bare legs, dark tights, patterned tights…for shoes, wear a block heel (as above, though you can’t see the heel), or a bootie; avoid a ballet flat which would be girly overload!

Another detail that makes a big difference when you wear a skirt of this style is jacket choice – best to choose a cropped jacket that shows the waistline, and form fitting to balance the fullness of the skirt.

This is a polished cotton jacket by Ferragamo, recently found at Revolve…it is a cute alternative to a white denim jacket when you want or need something a little dressier or less mainstream…

Impeccable tailoring and fit, even from the back!

What’s under the jacket? Is that a turtleneck in the middle of the summer?? Yessiree, it’s a Wolford turtleneck bodysuit. Lightweight, suitable for year round wear – chic simplicity!

Should you always add a ‘pop of color’??? The answer is no. Sometimes a monochromatic look or sticking to neutrals can be fabulous, in fact that’s usually what I prefer. But. When you have a red patent leather handbag with a big shiny bow you certainly want to enjoy it now and then, right? To pop or not to pop, that is the question. For a change of pace, I went for the pop! 😉

Happy Monday everyone!

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