Lash Overload

If you are a woman that enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in hair, nails, brows, etc, you probably have noticed that eyelashes have gone to a whole new level. Many women (of all ages) spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars having individual lashes applied on a regular basis, getting eyelash extensions. Another trend is tinting and perming your lashes to have dramatic, curled lashes that will make your eyes pop.

Seen in a before and after, my daughter Hayley did the tint and perm treatment back in May, before our family vacation. Sure, in the bottom pic her lashes look noticeably longer, but does she look prettier??? I say no. I actually think she looks better in the top pic, where you SEE HER EYES.

In my opinion, this crazy business of lashes has gotten ridiculous. If the first thing someone notices about your face is your lashes, that’s not good ladies! Nobody should be admiring your lashes, they should be admiring your eyes, your whole face. I have seen some ladies where their lashes are so thick and black that they are distracting. Not a good look. Not attractive in the least.

Another detail that is ridiculous: with lash extensions, you need to keep them as dry as possible at all times and you are encouraged to sleep with your face off the pillow. Are you kidding me??? Not let the water in the shower run freely on my face?? Not be able to wash my face (and eye makeup) freely with a washcloth?? Ewww. Not at all appealing. And if you need to be this careful with your precious lashes, this means always…I can only imagine how much fun you are in the bedroom. Right????? :-0

Ok, I have made my point. 😉 You all know how much I love cosmetics and I am open to any effort/expense to look my best. As for lashes, I having been using Rodan and Fields Serum since April of 2017. I love the natural looking results and it’s simple to use. Click here to see my earlier post on this. I also love mascara, and while I have tried everything from Chanel to Trish McEvoy, my favorite is from the drugstore: Voluminous Carbon Black by L’Oreal. For occasions when I want a dramatic eye for an evening event, glue-on lashes from the drugstore are easy and fun.

Ok ladies, let’s hear from YOU!!!

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  • I am on the same page with you! I had mine permed and would not do it again and as far as extensions, no way! Too much time to go every two weeks. If you layer your mascara and take your time applying, you can get a wonderful effect.
    I have used every mascara available (Sephora loves me) and I like L’Oréal too. I especially love their new ones, Lash Paradise and also Paris Unlimited.

  • I agree completely! So glad to see someone classy, trendy, and stylish like you say this as I thought I was just out of style by thinking false lashes should be saved for special occasions..and you are spot on that they have entered the realm of the distracting….first thing I notice on many women and can’t stop looking at them.

  • I think Hayley looks better in the top picture too! But each person should do whatever makes her happy. I use drugstore mascara and I’m fine with it. My lashes are pretty straight so the mascara gives them a little upward curve. I’m more of a lipstick girl anyway. Can’t leave home without it!

  • Candy, being in the esthetic business I can’t agree more. I will say a little revitalash to nourish the lashes and some good hypo-allergenic mascara like tarte of Benefit. Far more natural and beautiful.

  • I personally am enjoying lash extensions. I have no problem with them in the shower or sleeping on a pillow. Sweating from golf or the gym. I have had allergy issues since childhood so no more mascara is what sold me on the process! I get them filled every 4-5 weeks! Not for everyone but they are for me


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