White On White

As a huge fan of ‘standout style’, I love this monochromatic outfit that was inspired by photos on Instagram. While it felt like I was wearing a completely new outfit, not one single piece was new, but only styled in a different way.

Started with these pull-on cropped flares by Theory, topped with a lightweight ribbed teeshirt…both pieces are bright white synthetic fabrics so they blended nicely…

The bright white blazer, also by Theory, perfectly pulled it all together. Ok. How to accessorize??? With a blank white canvas the accessory options were endless!!! I tried on many various necklaces – some bold, some delicate, some chokers, some long…I tried colored jewelry, gold jewelry, silver jewelry. But when I removed all necklaces and added these large tortoise shell hoops, that’s what I liked the most. (I actually said ‘wow’ out loud!) The focus stays on the white ‘suit’, it looks more sophisticated than overdoing accessories just because you can. Only other additions: some fun bracelets and a watch.

To keep the look soft and summery, I chose ‘olive’ sandals by DolceVita. Found them this spring at Sole Amour in Winchester; they are quite reasonably priced and even better when you catch them on sale. (They are on sale now for $90)

And not that I needed a scarf on this hot summer day, but I look for any excuse to wear this Chan Luu fringed wrap, so chic with or without the jacket…

Truth be told, the scarf spent most of the day in my handbag! 😉

Hey, you never know when temperatures are going to drop or when the AC will be frigid in the office! Good to be prepared. 🙂

You might be wondering how to keep all this white looking so clean? Not so difficult! The top and the pants are both machine washable, then lay flat to dry…the jacket goes to the dry cleaner, but certainly not with every wear, so easy breezy! Looks high maintenance, but really LOW! (Just like me, Peter!)

The bottom line:

  • Wearing all white is a bold, striking look for times you don’t want to blend in with the crowd.
  • A monochromatic look is flattering for petite gals, makes us look taller.
  • Avoid the temptation to over-accessorize – simple yet bold accents are more elegant.

When is the last time YOU wore all white???

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One Comment

  • I adore this outfit! It looks fantastic on you. I cannot wear all white where I work. It would be dirty within minutes (I work with children). But I could wear all blue, all black, or all gray. I love a monochromatic look – as you said it makes short girls look taller!


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