Not Your Average Saturday

For a casual outfit that’s a no-brainer, you can wear jeans and a teeshirt. For a ‘dressed up’ outfit you can wear a skirt and a blouse. But take the skirt and put it with the teeshirt, and that’s when the fun really begins!!! One of my favorite ways to coordinate an outfit is to put different looks together…sweet with sexy, preppy with edgy, dressy with casual, etc. It makes for a more interesting look, it is unpredictable, and it can go almost anywhere!

This happened to be a sunny and warm Saturday afternoon where I was going off to attend the recital of my son’s music school, Play Out Loud.   As the mother of the teacher/business owner, I wanted to look my best, but not overly dressed up…this felt just right! The skirt is simply fabulous, it is waxed linen by Sonia Rykiel, found a few years back at Revolve in Belmont. It is such a statement piece that it’s best worn with something simple…I opted for this taupe teeshirt by ATM…while it’s only a cotton tee, the fabric and fit make it special.

For shoes (see top pic) I went ‘edgy’, with Jeffrey Campbell booties…these are fun and can be worn with everything – skirts, jeans, cropped trousers, or even shorts!

What to carry for a handbag? I have a cute black microfiber crossbody bag, but that seemed too boring, too ‘matchy’… it’s generally more interesting to mix in a third color and/or texture, so I opted for this Il Bisonte bag that I have had for over fifteen years…

The caramel color goes with everything, and it has developed a beautiful vintage patina with use. If you could use a bag like this, do check out their website (link above)…this exact style is no longer available but there are many similar styles to choose from and the quality is top notch.

Ivory tortoise shell hoops and bold sunglasses complete the chic city look…you don’t have to live in Manhattan to dress like you do! ;-)

TGIF! Have a great weekend everyone!

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  • Love this look! As I work in a very casual environment, I would wear this to work and feel great.


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