Shoulder Show

004 If you notice fashion trends on young women, you certainly must have noticed the show of shoulders this summer…lots of off the shoulder blouses, dresses, and sweaters, as well as tops with just the shoulders cut out…the good news is that they are not only for summer, not only for evening, and certainly not only for the ‘under 40’ set! Bare shoulders are flirtatious and feminine without the overt sexiness of a low cut top…here I wore a black rayon top (purchased years ago at a beach resort) with white jeans and tan accessories to do Saturday afternoon shopping…completely comfortable and fashionable – no need for athletic wear or flip flops!001



Love the dramatic bell sleeves and lightweight fabric…because the top is so full, I pull it in with a wide belt so the material is not overwhelming on my petite frame.  A very understated necklace would work, but my preference is a bare neck – this time with crystal drop earrings, other times  huge hoops!


When the weather gets cool, some tops can be a challenge for what jacket to wear…on this particular day it was warm enough so that a scarf did the job – AND – if you feel too exposed in an of the shoulder top, leave the scarf on! When temps call for more than a scarf, try a cape or a poncho – they are perfect when you have a sleeve or a neckline that just doesn’t work with traditional outerwear. off-shoulder-sweater




Another favorite off the shoulder top is this cream sweater by ABS, will enjoy this year round, with jeans or with a leather pencil skirt…007So ladies, give the shoulder show a try!  Whether its completely off the shoulder or cut outs, it is instant fun!

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