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Calypso cotton top
Calypso cotton top; Great with jeans or leggings, fun for Zumba class!

Who doesn’t like to bare a little skin at times, especially in warm weather, a night out on the town, or for a special occasion…..there are many options to choose from, but many women shy away from anything at all revealing after a ‘certain age’……if this sounds like you, how about trying a bare shoulder???? As midriff baring styles have limited target audiences, off the shoulder styles are now growing in popularity….they are very flattering to most women and shoulders really don’t show age compared to other body parts! I have actually enjoyed off the shoulder tops since I was a teenager, and have learned a few tricks along the way…..

    • Shoulder baring tops are perfect for going out to dinner when your table mates will really be focused on what you have on from the waist up.
    • If you like to dance, skip off the shoulder styles for weddings as they limit your arm movement (I learned this the hard way as mother-of-bride).
    • Peasant style blouses can be worn off just one shoulder for a more covered up (or suggestive!) look. As I did  in pink blouse below…’s also more comfortable that way.
    • Tops that have cut out shoulders (like my white top above) are another shoulder baring option that can be fun and sexy for all ages and can be worn with a regular bra.
    • With an off the shoulder top, wear a strapless bra, a stick on bra, or go without if you dare…..
    • My favorite way to accessorize these tops: really big earrings and a bare neck.
    • Some sheath dresses are cut out to reveal the shoulders; these are appropriate for business attire as long as you find the right bra that does not reveal any straps.

      Not just for teens!   Pinterest photo
      Not just for teens!
      Pinterest photo
My colleague, Christienne
Christienne at work

My colleague Christienne works all over Manhattan, in and out of cabs and subways, walking block after block in all kinds of weather – on steamy summer days she has the challenge of keeping cool while still looking professional…..I love her tropical inspired dress that bares the shoulders in a perfect ‘business casual’ way….

Linen  blouse by Temptation
Linen blouse by Temptation Positano

This pink linen blouse I found early this year at Portobello Road – they may actually be on sale now – it can be worn with both shoulders covered, both off, or as I am here, baring one….to me it is a subtle sexy….just showing a little, but oh, so flirtatious!

Are you ready for a shoulder show?

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