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Created this post in December – still enjoying all the outfit components in January!

When you see a satin skirt when out shopping, do you pass it by thinking it’s for evening wear or for dressy occasions only? Do you think it won’t fit your lifestyle? Think again!  Luxurious fabrics such as satin or velvet are for any lifestyle, and they actually look more current and chic when paired with casual pieces, even with slip-on sneakers and/or denim.  This skirt by Vince is bias-cut (flattering fit) with a comfortable elastic waistband; in 100% acetate you could machine wash it and hang to dry. Luxury for everyday!

On this particular day I was heading to work, so there needed to be a balance of serious and polished with any casual pieces…

Cognac riding boots by Stuart Weitzman (at least 5 years old) were the polished component, the cashmere cardigan by Rag and Bone (TJMaxx) added another luxury fabric with casual style…



The most casual element here was a simple black tee shirt by James Perce; a slim fit with a flattering shape to the bottom, best left untucked. Yes – a simple black teeshirt to the office.  It works because it is balanced by the ‘dressy’ satin skirt.



Always need a scarf!  The classic Burberry plaid pulled everything together…

…a three quarter length wool coat by Mackage with camel leather gloves and I am ready to hit the road…

When you are dressed for business, pay attention to your outer wear as well. Unless your business has you outdoors much of the day, you don’t want to ruin a polished, professional look with a puffer or a ski jacket. (This goes for men too!) Invest in a warm coat that complements dressier outfits, day or night.

Embrace the luxury ladies!  Wearing satin on an ordinary day feels awfully good. :-)



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