The story continues…from real life inspiration to finding a great tailor

Unlike the woman above, I do not always have a spare hand to manage an umbrella. Therefore, the fabric of a CANDY COSTAS raincoat must be water resistant.

Taking direction from Roger, I headed out to purchase fabric at the Fabric Basement in Natick.  Aiming for a glamorous look, black was the natural choice. There was not an endless selection, but certainly enough to get started.  I bought two different fabrics to keep my options open: one a nylon with a matte finish, the other a synthetic with a very shiny finish.  When it came down to choosing one for the sample I decided upon the matte finish – it was understated, it would allow the style of the coat to be the focus, and it did not scream “raincoat”.   I ran it under water in my kitchen sink and it passed the test. 😉



But we did not start with the fabric – we started with paper! After taking my measurements, the shell of the coat began, starting with the bodice.

Words like ‘flange’ and skirt ‘sweep’ became a new part of my vocabulary…here is someone who went to nursing school, ready to discuss your cardiac status or post-operative care, now communicating in a whole new language.  The good part was that I knew what I wanted and could describe things in one way or another.  Week after week, I would visit Roger and try on the sample for sizing and style tweaks.






Oh my goodness!  It’s starting to look like something! I wanted a fitted bodice, but Roger was careful to be sure there was room for a blazer underneath, important for working women.  It will be belted, but not an attached belt as I originally had in mind…it will have a generous hood that can be zipped off for a cleaner look when the rain lets up…

The three essential components of a ‘Candy Costas’ raincoat were now becoming a reality:  waterproof, warm, and glamorous. Roger considers every option very carefully; he gives me his opinion and will often have a new idea at a later visit.  After considering various options we decided that Thinsulate will be the lining, providing warmth without bulk. The zip-off hood will have an inner shell for structure, but an outer layer for drama…

Progress, progress!  After many fittings, it was now time to wait for the finished product – my first sample coat.  Almost done.  Needs a hood, a belt, and a button…remember, Roger, I want a dramatic hood…he smiles…

Finally the day arrives – the coat is ready – but it’s during the frenzy of the holiday season, I am crazy busy at work and can’t go get it.   🙁

Peter to the rescue!  (XOXOX)

When I finally arrive at home that evening, it’s there!  My paper sketch has become a reality as I try on my CANDY COSTAS Raincoat!

I love it!  Better than expected. Waterproof, warm, and glamorous, with a dramatic hood for sure!

Next step is to ‘test wear it’ – let’s hope that it rains soon!

Would love your feedback.   This is the time when all the details will be tweaked before it goes into full production mode.  Your input, whether something big or small, could be part of a whole new future brand! Please leave me your comments!


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  • Love it. So stylish Every woman needs one In her wardrobe. When do u mass produce them

    • Production will hopefully start this year, likely here in the US! One step at a time…;-)

  • Hi Candy, I love the raincoat! Very glamorous! My only input is that the cuff of the sleeve could be even a little more ruffled or bell-shaped to add even more glamour. Just my two cents but I love it already!! Thank you!

    • Thank you for the idea Nicole – with your style I totally respect your input!

  • Candy, Looks great on you. Love the hood, the warmth, the water proof…..
    however, for my build….. i would prefer a slimmer bottom….. more tapered.
    Being short and a having a full bust line, makes me prefer a slimmer look at the bottom.

    But of luck with this exciting new endeavor…

    • Totally get it Mary! This style is not for every body type (though I am short with a full bust line too). Future designs may be different altogether, perhaps A-lined without a waist at all. Stay tuned!

  • I love this dramatic raincoat! It is absolutely lovely! I would definitely wear it (but maybe not on the mornings I have to meet the buses – wouldn’t want to get it messed up!) I love that it’s black, that it’s matte, and that it is fitted at the waist and flares out. I could see it being sold at Neiman’s and Bloomie’s. Congratulations!!

  • It it beautiful! Brava!!! I admire your focus and goals as well as the finished product. I can envision it hanging in a high end shop.

  • looks amazing Candy! Love every part of it including the option to remove the hood!! Best of luck to you!!

  • Love it Candy! Does the hood have a string pull cord? If so perhaps a golden one for some glamour or even some gold understated sleeve buttons? Love love love it!! Good luck!

  • Very stylish! I think for any woman who looks good in cinched waist and fuller skirt it is a go. As a woman with a less hourglass figure (wider more boyish waist), perhaps I would do better with an alternative model. I’m envisioning two or three basic styles, with recommendations for different body types.

    • I have already been thinking about a second style for different body types! Great minds think alike! Thanks so much for your comment.

    • I was just thinking if I were designing the coat for myself, I would go with a trapeze style, but with loops for a belt (I think that’s what you mean by “A-lined with no waist).

  • Can’t wait to get selling this masterpiece boss! Hope there some bling on the button.


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