Spring Black

Now that spring is here and we have done our wardrobe purges, what are you on the lookout for? Are you itching for lighter colors or perhaps new white jeans? As for me, I am on the hunt for anything NAVY…it’s a great neutral and the perfect color choice for business attire in the summer…

With that said, I still LOVE to wear black – right through spring and summer! :-) The outfit in this post is an example of basic black pieces that worked well for a recent spring day business outfit…

Starting at the top, I am obsessed with this black turtleneck by Susana Monaco – so much so that you might see me wearing it this summer with white shorts! It is silky soft, and fits beautifully; I also love the length of the sleeves…(The Hive in Winchester carries a nice selection of this brand).

Next piece is the faux leather skirt from Wolford that has been a staple in my closet for YEARS…it is super versatile and a very comfortable ‘pull-on’ style…throw on high heels and you are ready for date night – or – wear it with a lower block heel and you are ready for business! One detail here that makes this look conducive for spring is bare legs…my personal rule: never wear stockings with slingback shoes…my personal preference: avoid nude/natural stockings whenever possible.

Another spring detail is to add a pop of color, here with a bright yellow blazer (Akris brand, found many moons ago in a consignment shop)…your ‘pop’ need not be a pastel color just because it’s spring…instead, choose any color as long as it looks good on YOU…

This particular jacket is a ‘tropical weight’ wool and I wear it in all four seasons, either with black or navy…

Jacket on or off, the outfit looks complete with a simple skinny patent belt accenting the waist…

And for the cool spring morning: add a glamorous wool wrap, sexy leather gloves, and you are good to go!

The Bottom Line:

  • Because we are in the spring season does not mean you need to dress for an Easter parade. ;-)
  • Black basics are great for every season if you pay attention to details.
  • A pop of color can give a fresh look to an all black outfit; if pastels look good on you, pale pink looks very pretty with black.
  • For your bare legs to look their best, always use a tinted moisturizer on your legs.

Work hard, play hard, enjoy every day!

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One Comment

  • I like black in any season as well. I have a favorite cashmere sweater with short sleeves purchased many years ago from Neiman Marcus. It goes with so many pieces.


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