The Queen of Green

If you asked me when my plant obsession began, it was clearly sometime in 2020, a direct result of the pandemic, being at home most of the time and wanting to beautify my surroundings as much as possible…our great room has plenty of natural light, so that’s where I have always had a plant or two, never much more, and sometimes even an artificial one…fast forward to the present: an explosion of plants, several new plant pots, and even a new piece of furniture to accommodate the display…

With some exceptions, I don’t always know the names of my plants…what I do know is where to find interesting varieties and how to display them to create a beautiful space…after that, with plenty of light and regular watering, you can call me the queen of green! 🙂

Many of my plants come from Mahoney’s Garden Center in Winchester, where I found this gorgeous red-leafed plant…once you are on the lookout for plants you can find them in so many places: a hardware store or even the grocery store…

When grouping plants together you want to choose leaves that have different colors, textures, and shapes for more interesting visual appeal…also placing them at different heights creates a prettier display…this black iron plant stand came from Amazon (in a set of three different sizes)…

Shamrock, ranuncula, pilea

Interesting pots of various styles, shapes, and materials also makes for an artistic display…keep an eye out in gift shops, antique shops, or even online (amazon, etsy, etc)…standard garden centers tend to have mostly clay pots and basic pottery – for more fun and unique pieces you will need to expand your search!

Instead of just a table full of plants, mix in objects of art, candles, books, etc…keep in mind that the more variety in height and shapes the better…

So beautiful! This table (Hekman brand) was a pandemic purchase, bought online from the site Houzz…it made a huge difference to our room, adding both warmth and dimension…the gold pot and ivory stand belonged to Ginger…

Check out the plant in the corner – it is a philodendron selloum, a newer purchase from Mahoney’s…I learned about this “low-maintenance house plant” from a recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Zach Patton…it was described as follows: ideal for cultivating drama in a living room corner, it grows up and arching like a Vegas showgirl’s headpiece. Fun, fun, fun!!!

And finally, if I had to pick a favorite of all my ‘babies’, it would be this gorgeous multi-colored plant whose name I do not know! The leaves are so pretty it looks fake…and a close runner up…

A simple ivy. The graceful shapes it creates as it grows is always changing, and always amazing me!

You might be wondering how often the plants need watering…for some of them, once a week does it, but others do need water twice a week or more, especially since our room is warm and dry…it’s something that I look forward to at the beginning or end of the day or on the weekend. Without traveling in 2020, I was attentive to them daily – week after week, and month after month…now that life is going back to normal, and travel has resumed, hopefully they will adapt to my new schedule and stay alive! Fingers crossed…. For now, I remain the queen of green! 😉

Happy Monday!

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