3 Business Travel Essentials

Jet Blue Terminal/7am on March 16th

Now that I am fully vaccinated, business travel is no longer out of the question, though as you can see from above pic, it is certainly still not “normal”…on this particular day I was heading to West Palm Beach to tour office space for our nursing company…the Jet Blue flight was fully booked, so no real social distancing, but everyone wore masks except when having a drink or snack…this was my first time traveling for business going from cold to warm weather – somewhat of a packing challenge, but I did just fine thanks to these 3 travel essentials:

1 – A lightweight camel coat

The lightweight coat (worn over a white suit) kept me toasty in Boston until I hit the Florida terminal when I folded it easily into my carry-on sized suitcase…the color goes with everything and is perfect for all seasons…this one is a luxurious cashmere, but you can find similar looks in a wide range of fabrics and price points…

This one from GAP Factory is online for $57.97 and I saw others on Amazon for under $100…

2 – A Cotes of London Vest

This unique down vest does not have the typical unisex styling…it is fitted and feminine with a cute cap sleeve…seen above, I wore it at home with a sweater and bold jewelry…on this trip, however, I wore it in the evening with white jeans and an army green teeshirt (no pic)…much more fun than a denim jacket – BUT – it was early the next morning that it was really a lifesaver: I was in my workout clothes and wanted to go to the hotel restaurant for breakfast, but not necessarily ready to put on my work clothes yet – aha! Look at how cute this looked – perfectly respectable and just right for a cool Florida morning…:-)

3 – Classic White Leather Sneakers

When dressing for work, I generally prefer to wear a heel, nothing too high, and always comfortable like these suede wedges by Stuart Weitzman…that said, after a long day of walking in the Florida heat, it was time to transition to sneakers – NOT gym sneakers, but a simple white leather sneaker – these by JSlides. Even with a dress, you still look classic and classy.

When planning what to wear for a business trip, outfits must be 1)Professional, including outerwear. 2)Comfortable for a long day 3)Versatile. After years of being on the road, I think I am becoming a pro at this!

When YOU travel, what is it that you consider ESSENTIALS?

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