5 Tips to a Successful Closet Purge

Spring is finally here and after the year we have had, it’s going to be great to start resuming normal life again! One part of that is updating your wardrobe, but don’t make the mistake of shopping until you do a closet purge...you will just end up with a mish mush of closet clutter and a confusing mix of things you love with pieces that you don’t…it’s not easy to do a purge, but the results are worth it! I just finished my spring purge and will share 5 tips to get you through yours…

1 – Be committed to tossing at least 5 items. You probably can toss at least 10, but at least 5 is a good start. I just parted with 12 items: jackets, skirts, sweaters, handbag, swimsuit.

2 – Set aside plenty of time to do a full purge. You will need to take everything out of your closet, then piece by piece, put everything back, leaving behind a pile of discards. It takes me a couple of hours.

3 – Say goodbye if you aren’t excited to wear it. You probably remember Marie Kondo’s philosophy of tossing what doesn’t ‘spark joy’? Same idea here – that tee-shirt, that skirt – do you really look forward to wearing it or are you keeping it because there’s nothing wrong with it? I parted with a satin Vince skirt and a leopard print tee – both in perfect condition but not favorite pieces – no guilt, they will bring someone else joy!

4 – Say goodbye if it’s not super comfortable. Whether for work or play, all clothes should be comfortable. If you put something on and it feels too tight, too loose, or somehow uncomfortable, fix it or toss it. I just parted with a brand new swimsuit – never worn – that simply was not a great fit (one of the perils of online pandemic shopping)… if you keep having to adjust, adjust, and touch, touch, touch – that’s a reason to toss.

5 – Say goodbye if it’s beat up. If a sweater looks ratty, if a shoe is scuffed beyond repair, let it go and perhaps replace it if it is something that you really love…funny story to share on this one…

As I went through my shoes, I noticed that my two-toned Chanel slingbacks were badly beat up – scuffed on the side with black marks. I LOVE them and wear them a lot. Immediately I decided to buy a new pair – they are definitely pricey, but a classic and perfect for many occasions and outfits. Called Saks and placed the order….Hmmm, maybe I can sell the old pair at Revolve? But no, they won’t want a shoe that is beat up, not even a Chanel…maybe I can try to clean them up a bit so they will accept them? Off I go with the shoes to the bathroom of all places…first I cleaned the scuff with soap and water, so that it was markedly improved, but not completely…now here is the crazy part: I took one of my undereye concealers and ‘painted’ the scuff, then set it with a dab of face powder. OMG! Amazing results. Looked so great that why the heck do I need a new pair??? :-0 Within two hours of ordering them, I called back and processed a return. Hahahaha!

When you finish a closet purge, it is so much easier to get dressed – all your choices are comfortable, you are excited to wear each piece, and everything is in good condition…now you also know what new items you could use so it makes it much easier to go shopping.

Are you ready to do a closet purge??? :-) Glad to answer any questions!

Happy spring!

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  • I do a clean out at least twice per year- spring and fall. But I know I don’t give away enough to compensate for new things I buy. I need a rule- one in, one out. But I’m not there yet.


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