Marshmallow and Cream

This yummy combination has no calories cuz we’re just talking about colors! ;-) Whatever you choose to call them, I highly recommend the combination of pale cream and white to brighten your spring look and perhaps even lighten your spirit!

Started this outfit deciding I was in the mood to wear white pants…these are actually part of a suit from Banana Republic, but they will look anything but ‘mainstream’ on this day…on top, a fitted cream v-neck by Susana Monaco…

Susana Monaco tops come in a wide range of colors and sleeve lengths, the brand also makes great basic dresses and even strapless tops…simple and versatile pieces to dress up or wear with your favorite jeans or denim skirt…if you live in the Boston area, The Hive in Winchester carries a nice selection…

The fun begins by wearing a lightweight Cotes of London vest instead of the white suit jacket…the look is still elegant, but more casual: ‘Aspen Chic’! This vest – that I also have in black – has been a regular wardrobe ‘go to’ for me this year…it’s feminine styling sets it way apart from your typical down vests and it feels so cozy! At about $200, you can’t go wrong, especially considering that you can wear it year round…

Layering up to head outdoors, first with a scarf…

Then with a camel cashmere topper…

Marshmallow, cream, and café au lait – a sophisticated color palette for spring!

The Bottom Line:

  • If you like this look, you can probably create it by shopping your own closet; a camel colored blazer would work just as well as a coat.
  • Keep in mind that you don’t need to match your colors exactly; ivory, bright white, pale beige, off white – mix them up for a more interesting look.
  • For shoe and handbag choice, you can go white, any shade of tan, or even a snakeskin or animal print.

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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