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Sometimes it’s the little things that make you happy. And sometimes it’s the little things that can take an outfit from good too great. In this case, a simple handbag strap that I found at Sole Amour in Winchester. I knew that I had at least two bags that had the necessary hooks, so for a mere $30 why not try a fun alternative strap with a Gucci inspired stripe!

How cool is this? Attached to my camel and white handbag it adds instant personality…but it gets even better…

A Gucci inspired strap on a Louis Vuitton??? Is that allowed??? Hahaha! Why not? Mixing designers is fun, the pop of color is fun, and an added bonus – the wide strap is VERY comfortable.

Several hours later…

…..I met a friend for dinner and of course changed my clothes, because as we all know: Life is too short for one outfit per day! I wore a leopard teeshirt with a faux leather skirt – a fun casual look for the evening. At first I tried a black handbag which was nice but quite predictable. When I tried on my Louis with the striped strap it was much more visually interesting. Yes!

As I mentioned earlier, this strap came from Sole Amour in Winchester. They also have a shop in Andover, though I have never been. If the stripe doesn’t excite you, maybe one of the other options will…

From social website

How about camo?

Could you say no to leopard???

And how cute is this one with the bees?! Also Gucci inspired, it’s definitely one of my favorites. If you aren’t convenient to a Sole Amour, most of these straps can be found online – I saw these on social

Happy strap shopping! Let me know if you get one!

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