Strike Out

Trust your gut ladies. Whether it’s about a relationship, a potential job opportunity, or an article of clothing, listen to that voice inside your head…otherwise you may strike out too…

Take note of this pleated skirt that I purchased back in September while shopping a bit for fall…it is a subtle animal print with an asymmetrical hem…here I wore it for the first time with a cream cashmere sweater, a western belt, and brown boots…not actually ‘sparking joy’, but maybe next time…

Next time I wore it with a different cream top, a wider belt, and tan open-toed booties…added a bright orange scarf for some pizazz, and a leather jacket for a bit of edginess…for some reason, though, still not sparking joy…

Fast forward to February of 2021…time to do my wardrobe purge! Yessiree, goodbye to anything that I do not love, anything that I do not look forward to wearing – for whatever reason – goodbye forever, off to Revolve! And yes, you guessed it, that meant goodbye to this skirt.

Hahaha, now comes the crazy part…two months later I was poking around in Revolve and lo and behold, came upon my skirt…hmmm, this would be kinda cute for spring, fun to wear with boots or booties…maybe if I wear it with black I will like it better. I decided to take it back. :-0

Paired it with a black bodysuit and yet a third brown belt…

Topped all off with a thin faux leather jacket…

Then one more layer as I headed out on the cool day…

Before the day was half over, I knew it was a strike out! I should have trusted my initial decision and let the skirt GO. I could not wait to take it off for good! It took way too much effort trying to like it, something was wrong. Has this ever happened to you???

At least I finally figured out why I didn’t like the skirt:

  • Too wishy-washy a print for my taste.
  • Way too long, and too much material on my petite frame.

Ya win some, ya lose some! back to Revolve it goes – who knows, maybe a tall blonde will fall in love with it! 🙂

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.

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  • When it takes too much effort trying to like something, it’s not right for you. Well said.


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