10 Tips For Taking Beach Pics

Unless you are an Instagram ‘influencer’ or a model, you probably don’t look forward to posing for photos, especially in a swimsuit on the beach…you might stay glued to your towel, throw on a cover-up, or avoid it altogether…speaking for myself, I have never been one to shy away from the camera, but with the influence of social media, my experiences as a blogger, and entering the 2021 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Contest, I have learned several things that could give a boost of confidence to a woman (or man) of any age!

Even though I was NOT chosen for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, I feel more confident taking swimsuit pics – at age 65 – than ever before, and it goes way beyond my size and shape. There are simple tricks that make a world of difference! Sure, if you are young and/or fit, you will obviously have an easier time getting good pics, but I guarantee you: any body at any age can look better once you know what to do…

1 – Take pics early in the morning or late in day. Good lighting makes a world of difference! Instead of automatically posing in front of a pretty background, be sure that the sun/light is facing you. (This is huge!)

2 – Seek out a private spot. To avoid a background that includes other vacationers, walk to an area that is less populated. It also may help to be more relaxed posing with fewer people around.

3 – Experiment with posing. Bend an arm, bend a leg, lift an arm, angle your body… avoid the overdone ‘one hand on the hip’ as your only pose.

4 – Use the ‘live’ function on your cell phone. I actually learned this tip from a stranger on the beach in Turks and Caicos…when you take a pic in ‘live’ mode, you actually capture multiple shots/expressions and can select the one that you like best.

5 – Take action shots. My favorite beach pics show energy! Move! Laugh! Be silly! Show LIFE! Those pics are the best, way better than just standing still.

6 – Hold a prop. Whether it’s your beach hat, a football, a cocktail, sunglasses, or a towel – it helps you to pose when you have an item in your hand.

7 – Take plenty of pics. It’s not ‘one and done’ – taking several pics will increase the chances that there will be a few that you like. Even the pros do this.

8 – Edit your pics. I do not photoshop my pics, but I do always adjust the exposure, brightness and contrast – this can make a huge difference, especially if the lighting is not perfect.

9 – Tie one on. A sarong or silky shirt can be a fun way to show more movement in a pic, especially when photographing in live mode.

10 – When all else fails, start with wine. Maybe a glass or two of wine will help you to relax! Heck, it’s 5:00 somewhere, right?

Whether it’s your significant other or a close friend, be sure your ‘photographer’ is having as much fun as you are. Peter takes my pics, he is always a good sport, probably still hoping Sports Illustrated will call me back!

While this post focuses on glam swimsuit shots, you can apply many of these same tips when photographing your children or taking random family shots…so often I see great family or couple photos posted on Facebook and know that they could be so much better with a simple adjustment of brightness or contrast…

Closing out with a big thank you to Peter, who not only indulges me in ‘model shoots’, but let’s me play from the other side of the camera as well! Summer will be here soon enough – whether it’s for yourself, your partner, or your family, hope you have fun on the beach with these tips. 🙂

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.

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  • I love this post! Great tips and you are always so much fun! Thank you for inspiring me every day. No even kidding..I have your photos on my gym wall. You make be a believer!

    • Jeez! I am hugely flattered Donna! Never give up on what makes you feel good! 🙂

  • Great photos of you and Peter! I’ll be using your tips, especially the one about taking action shots…definitely more interesting than a posed shot!

  • I am SO upset SI didn’t choose you! I just knew they would. How could they not??

    • You never know what they are looking for…this year it seems to be more about inclusivity of all shapes/sizes…being ‘old’ is old! Hahaha!


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