Summer Hair

Easy summer hair!
Easy summer hair, with the help of a Conair curling iron!

When I think back to every decade through my life, there was always a hair style that required lots of effort. I suppose every girl wants the kind of hair she doesn’t have – straight or curly, you want the opposite……for me, I have always had thick, somewhat wavy hair and wished it was straight and silky like the ‘Breck girl’… hair just did not look great ‘au naturel’ and I remember envying the blonde girls on the beach…..probably by my late teens I discovered the magic (or curse!) of hot rollers and for years I used them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even on vacation I would pack that big clunky set of hot rollers….before going to the beach even! (While those days are far gone, the rollers are not – I still have two sets in the basement!!! Haha)……Move on a few years to my late twenties, as a new mother without time for rollers, what does a girl do?????? Get a perm of course!!! (Eww, Eww, Eww!)

Yours truly and Ginger with our 1987 perms!!!
Yours truly and Ginger with our 1987 perms!!!

The year is now 2014….I am a busy working woman that wants a hair style that looks great with minimal fuss – not NO fuss, of course, it always takes some effort…..with my chin length long layered cut (by Jay Dee at Leon and Company in Belmont – she is great) I can blow dry my hair straight in about fifteen minutes, and usually use a little Biosilk Therapy to make it soft and shiny….but when summer comes, who wants to blow dry at all?? And on weekends and vacation??? For the past several years I often let it dry naturally in the summer, and use a ‘scrunch’ spray to give it that beach hair look…but honestly, because my hair isn’t quite wavy enough I would spray and scrunch it to death sometimes and it would end up looking ratty and feeling yuck to the touch…..

Hair blown straight
Hair blown straight


Dried naturally last summer....
Dried naturally last summer….

This year I tried a new technique at the suggestion of my daughter, see top photo and one below…..I put a dime size amount of Biosilk through my hair then let it dry naturally – can even go to bed with damp hair….once it’s dry, I use a curling iron (purchased at CVS) on a few pieces on either side of my face, then finger it out – I do not curl my whole head. Using a little heat styling spray helps it to set…..Let me say I was NEVER good with a curling iron, but it was easy to learn, and it is quick!!! My hair looks wavy, feels soft, and was EASY!

After working all day, walking outdoors in drizzle and humidity
After working all day, lots of walking outdoors in drizzle and humidity

Yippee yippee that I can have a glamorous summer hairdo that requires little time, minimal effort – the ‘effort’ can be spent on color and highlights, right??? But that’s to discuss another day!!! Would love to hear about your summer hair secrets…

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  • After YEARS of very fine, mostly straight hair that had no body, and would collapse at the first sign of humidity, my hair has changed over the past 3 or 4 years. No, it hasn’t become the thick, shiny, wash & wear mane; that’s only in my dreams. But, I no longer need to use the curling iron daily, my hair now holds a style, and I love it! I’m in my late 60’s, and with all the bad stuff that comes with aging, this is a real joy.

  • When I was younger and through my early 20’s my hair was thick and stick straight, wouldn’t hold a curl even with a whole can of Aquanet. Now it is “old”, it is ratty if I do not straighten it. I keep it long so in the summer I can throw it up when I want to let it dry naturally.

    I do use the Biosilk Silk Therapy for shine after straightening but I’ve never used a pomade. I wonder if it would work for my hair similar to how it works for yours.


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