Aging Gracefully

Age gracefully quote
What does it really mean to “age gracefully”??? I will start by saying that I am not a fan of this phrase… me it implies ‘giving up’ on trying to look your best, and if you have been following my blog at all, you know that putting energy into your personal appearance is something I consider of value………what I prefer as a philosophy is to “live gracefully”…..this makes more sense! Regardless of your age, it means:
– Being a kind person
– Accepting that life changes
– Having an open mind
– Maintaining a positive attitude
– Being grateful for what you have

If “aging gracefully” means letting your hair go gray, not for me, not yet (though some women look fabulous that way).  If it means accepting weight gain, not for me either…….. It is not trying to look young that is my goal – it is to look my best in an age appropriate way….Graceful?  That implies accepting the inevitable changes without much effort – not for this gal.

Because society puts such an emphasis on beauty for women, it is inevitable that as we grow older, there are decisions to be made, and frustrations…..should I or shouldn’t I color my hair….should I try Botox….am I too old to wear leather pants….should I get a tummy tuck….etc…You know what?   Young people don’t always make the best style choices, so why be so hard on ourselves?   And don’t ever think you are too old to do something that makes you feel good. One great thing about being older is the confidence to make decisions without caring what others think. I recently asked my hairdresser, Jay Dee, for bolder blonde highlights (like someone I had seen on the Grammy Awards)….she said, “Candy, you aren’t 25 and you aren’t a rock star.” Ouch….Guess what? I went for it and I love my highlights. Key point here is that I did it to please ME.

Each of us will go to different lengths to look our best, each of us has different styles and preferences…..bold colors, dramatic styles, statement jewelry – do you like them?? They are not just for the young! What I do think is important is to have an awareness of what message you are sending with your style of dress, to be sure it is tasteful and appropriate for the situation/occasion. You want to wear a super sexy dress at 75?   That’s fine, but probably not to your grandson’s wedding!

"Natural' middle aged woman...Pinterest photo
“Natural’ middle aged woman…Pinterest photo

Woman above may be considered to be aging gracefully…..I say she is fortunate to have natural good looks and probably did not need to work at it much in her youth – not true for most of us –  me for one…..(I also say I would love to see her with makeup and a stylish haircut, just sayin’……)   Sharon Stone, below, is a stunning woman in her 50s, but likely does more than just wash her face with Ivory soap – sure seems to be working for her!

Gorgeous Sharon her style!
Gorgeous Sharon Stone….love her style!


Lynn Dell at 78; Pinterest photo Not shy about style!
Lynn Dell at 78; Pinterest photo
Not shy about style!
'Living' gracefully - aging with passion and flair
LIVING gracefully – AGING passionately!

What does “Aging Gracefully” mean to you????


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  • Aging gracefully means, for me, spending very little time in the mirror. I dont have to lament in the face of the mirror with a dash of botox, dab of filler and always adding a bit color the brows (especially the outer brow).
    Aging gracefully is also staying feverishly curious 🙂


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