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Yours truly at 55 in a Despi bikini
Yours truly at 55 in a Despi bikini

After a long, cold winter, some of us are packing bags for a warm weather getaway – others know that spring and summer are around the corner, with the promise of long sunny days and times spent at the pool or beach. You know what that means – dig out last years swimsuits and maybe head to the mall for a new one….not something most women look forward to, especially once you hit a certain age….No need to give up ladies! Did you see Christie Brinkley on the cover of People recently? At age 60 in a swimsuit looking darn good. Ok, she was a cover girl, but so did Ginger, a non-exerciser, seen below. And me, at 56, still wearing two piece suits. What is the secret? For me, three main things: 1)Lucky to start off with good genes from mom and dad 2) Every single day, being conscious of what I eat and drink. Not to deny myself, but always aware of calories, fat, fiber, and very much a believer in portion control. 3) Exercise intensely for an hour, five times a week. Thank goodness I discovered Zumba which is something that’s fun for me and it burns lots of calories. I also do weights, sit ups, and squats regularly – not fun but I like the results.

Regardless of your age or your weight, you can still look great in a swimsuit with a few tips I have learned over the years:

– Start with a tan! We all look better with a bit of a tan, there are self tanners that are easy to use and work wonders. I recently bought one from Clarins that works overnight, very natural looking. Electric tanning beds are another option, comes with obvious risks…
– Go to a small bathing suit shop. I like the store Everything But Water – it is small so you can get personalized help. Find a sales person that knows the brands and can make recommendations for your body type and what you are comfortable in.
– Make your swimsuit an outfit. Go for a dramatic cover up, a hat, stylish beach shoes, even jewelry. LeTarte and Calypso are two of my favorite brands for stylish beachwear.
– A skimpier suit can be much more flattering than more covered up ones -even if you are not at your ideal weight. Sometimes more fabric makes you look bigger or can be aging.
– Cut off the tags once you get home! So many girls on the beach have their bikini bottom label sticking out, ruins the look.
– Avoid the one piece black suit. Sure, some are nice, but they can also be aging. Even if you are older or plus size, go for the bold!
– Wear your suit with CONFIDENCE. When you go to the beach, you see all shapes and sizes – aside from a young, perfect body, confidence is your best asset.

Skimpier bottom more flattering/Pinterest photo
Skimpier bottom more flattering/Pinterest photo
Avoid the one piece black suit.  Leopard suit from H&M
Avoid the one piece black suit. Leopard suit from H&M
Ginger in her 60s Kennebunk Beach, ME
Ginger in her 60s
Kennebunk Beach, ME

Are you ready for swimsuit season? What is your favorite beach look?

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  • I’ve also discovered Zumba. I always thought it was a crock that people could find a workout that they enjoy and crave. It is not a crock! I CRAVE Zumba on my off days. The best compliment I got was that my MIL told my husband I don’t look great because of the weight I lost but because I look stronger. 😀

    I’m looking forward to trying on bathing suits this year. 🙂

    Hope you guys are having a wonderful vacation. You look great!


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