The Ginger-Bred Quiz

Christmas Day 2018

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all enjoyed a great holiday full of laughter, people you love, with traditions new and old.  One tradition that has been in my family for the past several years is the ‘Beepa Quiz’.   ‘Beepa’ – my dad – is the handsome 86 year old fella in the red sweater…every year he creates a trivia quiz for his four grandchildren, with the winner receiving $100 cash. The subjects range anywhere from history, science, to the arts, with some family history questions too.  Yeah, it definitely gets competitive, but always in a good natured way.  😉

This year I decided to do my own quiz!  A quiz on the subject of fashion, of course, for anyone that wanted to participate – men and women alike.  The Ginger-Bred Quiz!  What was the prize you ask? A Gucci bag??  A Burberry scarf???  Haha, NO.  The prize was fifty dollars cash plus a $25 gift card to Revolve… I handed out the quiz to ten eager participants, and the room quickly became quiet…

And the winner is…..a tie!   A tie between my sister and my niece that not even a tie breaker question resolved…they agreed to share the prize. 🙂

Would YOU like to have a go at the Ginger-Bred quiz???  For the first five people that score 100% I will send a $20 AMEX gift card.  Click on link below to play!

Happy New Year to all! 🙂

Ginger-Bred Quiz

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