Make Your Own Suit

This is not a suit. But it looks like one, doesn’t it?  Not your average ‘pharma rep’ suit, not ‘first suit out of college’ suit, but a feminine, elegant suit.  Easily created by pulling together black separates to create the suit appearance – something anyone can do if you wear a lot of black!

The cropped jacket is by Elizabeth and James – it’s minimalist style works well with many skirts, shown here with this wool blend skirt by Dolce Gabbana…the skirt is form fitting, yet shirred in front…sexy, but not trashy.

Under the jacket is my ‘lipstick’ Wolford bodysuit…

And for an elegant touch of luxury, a gold Chanel pin. (A Revolve bargain!)

Wolford tights, Gucci shoes

Here’s where the sparks of joy really start to fly! Lace tights and two toned shoes with bows.  Feminine, comfortable, super-stylish, and yes, business appropriate.  How to determine that?  The length of the skirt and the heel height. Take the skirt length above the knee and/or add a high heeled pump – save that for after work!

On this particular day, I was heading to work, and it was fairly mild weather for December – a perfect day for this unlined wool wrap coat by Theory, found this year at TJMaxx. It is a great piece for travel, and in the fall or spring it layers over blazers beautifully. Soft, cuddly, chic and classic.

And should the wind begin to blow… it has a hood!  (This pic taken on a different day)

The bottom line:

  • Mixing and matching various black skirts and jackets creates unique suit looks that are not overly conservative.
  • Don’t worry about matching fabrics exactly – many wool and synthetic blends will be close enough.
  • Have fun with patterned tights, boots, and booties to create even more of a personal style.
  • If you buy your black jackets and skirts at a consignment shop you can ‘make’ a high-end looking suit for under $200.  😉

Are you ready to try this?


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  • Love the idea of creating your own suit. As always, the shoes are my favorite part. I have that same red Burberry scarf.


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