The Heck With Age Appropriate

Iris quote Let me start by saying that I despise the expression ‘aging gracefully’, and now added to that is dressing ‘age appropriate’…..I recently read a magazine article that said women over 50 should not wear strapless and I almost fell out of my chair, thinking not only of myself but all my beautiful friends, dressing for vacations and special events…..further exploration of the subject uncovered a ban on short shorts and berets!! Berets??? Ok, let’s get serious. Perhaps the writer of such articles is trying to give some basic guidance for ladies looking for direction…..well, rules are made to be broken, I say go ahead and break ’em…….From my perspective, better to keep these things in mind:

  • Be true to your own style – You know what you like, you know what makes you feel good…don’t try to be someone you’re not……maybe you never liked strapless dresses, maybe you are a conservative gal….by the time you reach 50 you probably have your favorite labels, perhaps you prefer skirts over pants, or vice versa…. you may like more tailored clothes over feminine, or maybe you are a glamour queen! Please yourself.
  • Tacky dressing comes in all ages – How quickly our society will judge a mature woman in a too short skirt and/or a too tight top…..Sure, as you age, you do want to pay attention to the length of your skirt, how tight your dress is, so you look classy and not trashy.  But, really – regardless of your age, tacky is tacky.  Just because you are 25 with a hot body doesn’t mean a short tight bandage dress with six inch platforms looks good.  No. Any age can make poor choices. Pay attention to balancing sexy pieces with conservative ones and you can’t go wrong.
  • Perfection is not the goal – As we age, it is natural that our bodies change….hair goes gray, skin thins, age spots develop, etc….some things we can alter if we so desire, some things we accept….like wrinkly knees! – as Cindy Crawford once said, like I need to pull up my pantyhose but I’m not wearing any!  Does that mean we should never wear shorts?  Heaven forbid someone sees knee wrinkles? Or how about your arms – are they a bit flabby?  You need not give up sleeveless.  Go for brightly colored tops and accessorize with bold jewelry to draw the attention elsewhere. It’s not always the perfect face/body that looks ‘wow’ – it’s how you carry yourself.
  • Looking young is not the goal – When you are getting dressed to go out, you obviously want to look your best…. to be well put together, stylish, attractive – but not for looking like you blend in with the younger generation……..Being over 50 has it’s own appeal – confidence and sophistication.
  • Know your assets – In addition to knowing your own personal style/preferences, you need to know what looks best on you.  What’s your best feature(s)?  Show it off! Regardless of your age, you can tastefully show cleavage, shoulders, your legs, or wear a body conscious dress…..feel better covered up?  There are many loose, exotic long sleeved options – you need not show skin to look like a goddess!Yolanda in Aruba
  • In closing, here are two photos of Yolanda Cellucci, a lovely lady on vacation with her family…..SHE IS 81.
  • Age appropriate?  Phhff!!!Yolanda strapless


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  • i love this post Candy. I wear leggings/jeggings and short shorts because i feel good in them. None of my peers (72) with the exception of one, ever wear any to these things. While i like the classy look I also want to look stylish. Yolanda looks amazing and she rocks her look!!! Very inspiring. Thanks for the post…your advice is spot on! PS I cannot stand the dowdy “old lady” look of so many people my age….. it may not be the old long dresses of our grandparents age but baggy pants and some clothes are so matronly looking…. ugh!

    • Mary, YOU are inspiring! From your leather pants to your blazers and scarves, you always look stylish and current. Your hair and makeup, always done nicely, also makes a big difference – many ladies after a certain age give up on that….glad you enjoyed this! Candy


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