What To Wear To Disney World

We’re here!!!!!

In January of 2023, I had the pleasure of taking a ten day trip to Disney World with my husband, daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren…while it was not my first visit to Disney, after 25 years the world has changed and I have also changed…wanting to dress with both style and comfort, I did some pre-trip research which certainly helped! Now that the trip is behind me, here are my 5 tips that may be helpful to you…

1 – WEAR THE EARS The Mickey/Minnie ears/headbands are everywhere, and in every color and style imaginable! My daughter encouraged me to choose some on Amazon before the trip and I chose ‘the evil queen’…they are remarkably comfortable and it instantly made me feel part of the Disney culture…if so inclined, you could wear a different pair every day, or like me, just one pair was fun enough!

The Animal Kingdom

2 – WEAR SNEAKERS DAY AND NIGHT It seemed unfathomable to me to pack for a vacation without a pair of heels…what if I want to go the bar with my husband after the kids all go to bed?? HA! With or without the kids, day or night, there is always an insane amount of walking – we averaged 17-22K steps a day! For the first time in my life on vacay, all I ever wore were sneakers (with exception of Birkenstocks to the pool)…these gold Nike sneakers I found a few years ago at Revolve in Belmont – at home my preference is a looser, slip-on sneaker, but for this amount of walking you really need a sneaker with good support. I had zero foot issues and never needed a bandaid. 🙂

At the Wilderness Lodge for dinner with Snow White

3 – HAVE FUN WITH THEMES If creative styles are up your alley, this is the place to have fun! You might choose to interpret a character you like, embrace a certain country’s style, or just go all princess pink and sparkles! I wore a black tulle skirt to a character dinner with Snow White, then a cotton safari dress the day we visited the Animal Kingdom. Regardless of your age, it’s a place to express yourself and have fun!

Safari Style
Western Style for the Hoop Dee Doo!

4 – BE PREPARED FOR CHANGEABLE WEATHER Especially in the winter months, temperatures can vary greatly from the time you start out to later in the afternoon….on most days it makes sense to have a lightweight jacket or sweater…when it gets hot, tie it around your waist or stuff it in a backpack…as for rain, my daughter had the best idea: disposable ponchos! (You can get a 15 pack on Amazon)…a lightweight puffer jacket or vest is also a good idea – we had one very chilly day and I even wore my black beret!

Layered up for a chilly day
Pink denim jacket and Pooh!
My interpretation of athleisure

5 – BE YOU If your everyday style is super casual, it will be easy to ‘be you’ in Disney! If you lean toward more fashionable/voguish looks, like I do, accessories can elevate even the most casual looks…as seen in all these photos, I wore my favorite belts, earrings, and many statement necklaces…colorful/fun crossbody bags and different sunglasses are another way to give your outfits style…

French Kande necklace

Ready to pack your suitcase for a trip to Disney? Let me add that figuring out what to wear isn’t half as challenging as figuring out how to navigate the parks and lines! Things have certainly changed in 25 years! That said, with significant planning in advance, we figured it all out and so will you!

A few final pics…

Hayley and Emily
Pure joy!
Mother Daughter pose!
Henry and Gigi on Thunder Mountain
To infinity…and beyond!!!!

Glad to answer any questions! And remember…

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.


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