The Power of High Heels

Stuart Weitzman 5 inch sandals
My dancing shoes! Stuart Weitzman 5 inch sandals…. This brand is good for a wide foot.

“How do you dance in those shoes all night?”…..question posed to me on at least two occasions this holiday season….the answer is simple: they are comfortable. Not all high heels are comfortable, and if you have had a bad experience with blisters and foot pain you may have given up on them altogether. I say try again!!! There is nothing that ruins an outfit like a schlumpy shoe – and while flats can be chic (especially on a tall gal with lonnnng legs), there is nothing that compares to the elegance and power of a heel – it affects your posture, your walk, your confidence – for business and for fun. I am not advocating that anyone suffers – comfort is a must….but comfort comes in degrees, just as you would not wear sweatpants to work….Speaking of work, there are many shoes with 2-3 inch heels that are both attractive and comfortable – unless you wear scrubs, please no clogs when you are dressed for business! Because I have bunions, shoes must have a fairly wide toe pocket for me to be comfortable all day…..Ginger used to say that pointy toed shoes cause bunions, but that’s really not true. While they can certainly exacerbate the problem, bunions are genetic and even women in countries where they go barefoot most of the time are found to have bunions….

Lessons from many years on my feet:
– Wear the highest heels when you won’t be doing much walking – out to dinner, to the theater…
– Expect to spend more (maybe double) on a great comfort high heel – your feet will thank you and they will last forever!
– Anyi Lu, Taryn Rose, Arche, Cordani: all made for comfort, all have style (fine department stores).
– Every foot is different – try on many styles until you find the perfect fit.
– A flexible sole will be easier for walking (or dancing) than a stiff platform shoe. I always check a shoe to see if it bends.

LKBennet pumps....comfortable, but not for all day
LKBennet pumps….comfortable, but not for all day, not for city walking
Perfect 2 inch kitten heel for work.....Paul Mayer...
Perfect 2 inch kitten heel for work…..Paul Mayer…
Cordani suede booties... built in platform, wide toe pocket, chunky heel...great for work
Cordani suede booties…
built in platform, wide toe pocket, chunky heel…great for work or play

In the winter, boots can be a nice option for day or night, but save the flat riding boots for a casual look (best worn with leggings)…….So ladies, have some of you given up on high heels?? Maybe I have changed your mind???
As I changed last Saturday from my day clothes to an outfit for dinner, all I changed were my shoes: “when the sun goes down, the heels go up!”

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  • Next time you see someone wearing a nice outfit with a “schumpy shoe”, maybe don’t be judgemental. The nice outfit clearly indicates the person has taken some time to put herself together. Maybe she’s tried lots of different heels, but just CAN’T wear them! Because wearing heels requires a certain structure and not everyone has it. Once, when a woman commented that it was just a matter of getting used to them, I asked her if she thought she could learn to do the maneuvers that Cirque du Soleil performers do if she just practiced, or may that was also a matter of starting with the right body type?

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to respond Rita… are right, I shouldn’t be judgemental…..I do, however, think there are more comfortable, stylish options than women realize. If someone has a foot issue where they really CANNOT wear heels, there are many stylish FLATS that could complete an outfit. (A colleague of mine recently wore ankle strap flats to a holiday party with a short dress and she looked adorable.) Candy

  • To be clear, if you have flat feet, you probably can’t comfortably wear heels.

  • Happy that none of this applies to my current life…
    You have not changed my mind.
    Beautiful aprons and sensible shoes are my mantra.
    Your blog always adds luster to my day!

    • I love getting feedback, thank you!!! As my dad has always said: “that’s why Baskin Robbins has 31 different flavors.”

  • I do have a couple pairs of shoes with a small heel that I use for dressier occasions. Softspots and Hush Puppies are the brands. Flats are not a good solution as they don’t provide any arch support. Wearing a shoe with no arch support leads to swollen ankles – eek!


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