What’s The Weather?

Moncler coat, Neiman Marcus (thank you Peter!) Fox headband, Ski Haus, Burlington
Moncler coat, Neiman Marcus (thank you Peter!)
Fox headband, Ski Haus, Burlington

“Always dress according to the weather” – This was a HUGE Ginger lesson, repeated often! Regardless of the day of the week, my day starts with coffee, the Boston Globe, and Channel 5 News – always waiting for the weather report so I can decide what to wear….in the winter, our changeable weather means paying attention so outerwear is appropriate from head to toe. Of course this means it makes sense to have multiple coats for various temperatures and for different occasions – a traditional ski jacket will ruin a professional business look and a wool coat to your ankles will look dated….now is the time to find a bargain in after Christmas sales! What to look for?
– A classic wool coat in a neutral such as black or camel; three quarter length is more current, goes with everything, pants and skirts alike.
– Once you have your neutral, go for a color that contrasts well with your wardrobe – what color appeals to you?
– Warm need not be heavy or bulky; look for a flattering shape and warmth without weight.
– Puffy ski type coats can be business appropriate if the style is tailored,  just not something you would send your child sledding in…..
– You can’t go wrong with a classic double breasted pea coat, black or deep navy.

 Mackage jacket, bought years ago in New York...
Mackage jacket, bought years ago in New York…

This Mackage jacket I have worn for at least seven years – super warm and super comfortable – this brand is carried at Bloomies and Nordstroms, I saw some on sale at Nordstrom’s this week – if you are looking for a new coat, check them out!  (In the $400 range on sale)

Another Mackage!
Another Mackage!

This winter white is another Mackage – once you wear one, you are addicted…again, I love the length and the color is a nice balance for all my dark neutrals…..

Ginger's mink
Ginger’s mink

This fur was my mother’s, I had it restyled last year (see the post, FOREVER FURS)…..if the weather ever gets cold, you bet I will be wearing this to work, to wherever, when I want to be warm as toast…..Now – when I want to be warm and also make a dramatic style statement – that’s when I will wear my new Moncler, seen at top of page…..I was actually shopping for a more traditional Moncler ski jacket, but when I tried this on it was a WOW.  My Christmas gift from Peter.019Yes, mom, I ALWAYS dress according to the weather!!!

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  • Hi Candy!
    Happy New Year!
    Time to wear your Moms fur! Love this blog!! Hope to hear more .. maybe about what beauty products you use…and your routine!
    Take care and stay warm!!


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