The Secrets of Scents

For months now we have all been talking about needing a haircut or color, about what we are or aren’t wearing, and about our pandemic diet and exercise…all things that contribute to our appearance and personal style.

How about whether or not you are wearing perfume? Assuming that your normal practice is to wear fragrance, have you continued to do so in these past several weeks? It doesn’t matter if you are single, married, straight, gay, male or female….even if you live alone, it is a sensory delight to give yourself, a daily personal indulgence that can lift your spirits in a different yet similar way as flowers or music do…

Scents/fragrances also evoke strong memories…we can often associate a scent with someone we know, or someone from our childhood…remember Shalimar? How about the men’s cologne, Halston Z-14? Who popped into your head with those two? ;-)

Perfume is an absolute must for me every single day and I don’t feel ‘dressed’ without it. Before I share with you my favorite scents of late, a few fun quotes on the topic…

Perfume is a mark of female identity and the final touch of her style. – Christian Dior

Ladies, a man will never remember your handbag, but he will remember your perfume. – Olivier Creed

My words tell you what I think, but my perfume tells you how I feel. – Anon

This last one could have been my personal quote because I always wear different scents for different moods…once it’s on, I often ask Peter to do the sniff test and guess my mood…he almost never gets it right but I still get a kick out of playing the game…;-) And here they are…

The mood: SWEET

La Perla is a classic floral fragrance, made by the luxury lingerie company of the same name…I have used this for years, and need to reorder soon…it is made for women and very feminine, often triggers compliments from complete strangers!

The mood: SEXY

This perfume I discovered at Bloomingdales just before the coronavirus hit…instead of purchasing the classic decorative bottle, I bought these travel atomizers, thinking they would be perfect for all my trips to NYC, and all my vacations…although there will be no traveling for awhile, I am still enjoying this scent immensely! Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdjian is an oriental fragrance, supposedly unisex…I wear it day or night, and it makes me smile every time I spray it on…delicious!


No joke. This perfume I wear when I am feeling a bit on edge, when I am anticipating a challenging day…like Grand Soir, it is also unisex, though more on the citrusy side…for me this is strictly a daytime fragrance, a scent that evokes strength and confidence!

Now let’s hear from YOU!!! Are you wearing perfume through the pandemic, and which is YOUR personal favorite???

Stay well. Dress well. Better days ahead. :-)

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  • I wear perfume everyday – pandemic or no pandemic. Just like wearing make-up and getting dressed, it’s what makes me feel good about ME.

    Favs: Spring / Summer : Aqua di Gioia -always get compliments on it. I’ve worn it for years
    Mark Jacobs Daisy – light- not offensive for work
    Fall/Winter – Lancome Idol
    Bond No 9 So- love it.
    Home scents:
    Jo Malone – Lime Basil Mandarin Soap, Hand Lotion Yummy-
    very light and always get compliments when people use it in the powder room.
    Her candles are wonderful too!

    Shalimar – my dear Aunt Rose. She is gone now but every time I catch that scent it takes me back – she comes to mind immediately.
    Halson Z14- An old flame of course!! :)

    • FUN!!! I want to try Jo Malone! Thanks for sharing all!!! :-)

  • I’ve been wearing perfume almost daily. I recently found an old favorite from college days- Lauren, at Macy’s. It came right before everything shut down. I love it so much- good thing hubby does too. I also love anything in the citrus family.


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