What’s Old is New Again

As the length of time working from home goes from weeks to months, I have become more and more creative about coordinating outfits that feel stylish and casual – more conservative than ‘party’ casual and more dressed up than ‘weekend at home’ casual…most of the time, it simply means taking an OLD piece and styling it in a NEW way…

This is a sexy ‘little black dress’ that I have had for over 20 years – since I was in my 40s! It is a dress that I have worn many times after hours or on vacation with sandals, whether flats or wedges, and always with statement earrings – usually hoops. Never before have I worn it with a tee underneath!

It works! The tee is slim and has cap sleeves, not a baggy tee, which would ruin the whole look…the Ron White sneakers are great because they add a touch of glam with the gold tips and laces…the shoe possibilities are really endless, but I sure am loving sneaks these days!

Ok, back to this dress/tee combo – it is very ‘French’ to take simple black and white basics and wear them in different ways…now I am super motivated to style this dress and other pieces in creative ways by trying different combinations – heck, what have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing.

I may try putting a sheer plaid shirt under this dress next time – with cowboy boots! You could literally wear this dress five days in a row and have it look completely fresh – but you’re right, though, I would never wear the same dress five days in a row. 😉

Now as for this particular day, it was on the cool side so I needed a wrap and/or jacket of some sort…here are two options:

A cuddly Chan Lu cashmere blend scarf…(Revolve!)

Or a slim leather moto jacket by Eileen Fisher…(Revolve again!)

Or both!

Sitting at home, the scarf was the winner – when I had an errand to run, it was the jacket, without the scarf…

Sleek, simple, and sophisticated! And since all you need is cell phone, mask, and wallet, a small crossbody is just the right size ( Kate Spade, you guessed it, found at Revolve)…

This OLD gal is feelin’ pretty damn good in this OLD dress that feels like NEW – without spending a penny, it’s my favorite pandemic outfit SO FAR!!!

Stay well. Dress well. Better days ahead.

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