The Summer Sheath

Week NINE arrived with a few glorious days of sunshine in Boston – perfect time to pull out a sheath dress, especially one in an uplifting color, such as this sky blue DVF…while I am a huge fan of black and other dark neutrals, in the gloom of COVID-19, some days you just need to dress ‘happy’!

And the happiness extends right down to your feet if you wear a fashion sneaker! Who knew??? Ha! Before COVID, I would wear this dress with a nude or metallic heel…the camel slip-on certainly is less flattering than a heel, but under the circumstances it is so on point…

Very ‘2020’, right? At least for this summer…

Sheath dresses are also great for Zoom calls because they have simple necklines and are generally in solid colors…tie a sweater around your shoulders and you look casually ‘put together’. Heck, you could be barefoot and nobody would know!

This final pic more accurately represents the true shades of the dress and sweater – very ‘Palm Beach’ – such a great summer color combo….Oh, you are wondering where I was heading?? 😉 The options were especially slim in week nine…it was either: to the grocery store, to my dad’s, or to the UPS store! 😉

The Bottom Line: Sheath dresses can be an easy ‘work from home’ outfit worn with a flat shoe or sandal. Minimal effort with maximum effect. Comfortable and cool. Wear them during business hours to separate your work time from fun time.

Stay well. Dress well. Better days ahead.

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