Three Simple Ways to Welcome Spring

tulips Spring cleaning! That’s what Ginger did to welcome spring…..a process that probably lasted a month or more, cleaning out closets, cabinets, curtains, one by one….opening the windows and airing out the house….washing windows and cleaning carpets….
Do I follow in her footsteps? Ah-hahahahahaha! No. We keep a clean enough home with a cleaning lady twice a month, no “spring cleaning” for this gal….Yet now that it is March, I like to pay attention to details – in the home, in my closet, or wherever else – to remind me that spring is on the way….

  1. Accessorize your home –  depending on how much you decorate with the change of seasons, this can be quick or time consuming…for me, it took all of twenty minutes.  Snowglobes  get packed away, my Stowe needlepoint pillow packed away, anything snow related goes and out come the bunnies!  Mine are not new, but a quick trip to Home Goods and you can find a wide range of spring nick-nacks to brighten up any room in the house.  Going grocery shopping?  Pick up a bouquet of tulips or daisies – instant spring!
    Bunnies in the kitchen
    Bunnies in the kitchen

    2.  Lighten up your wardrobe – It’s still cold outside, but somehow what we wore in November and December looks too wintry now…..if you are wearing a wool scarf, go for a brighter color…if you like the dark colors, lighten up on the fabric…’s the perfect time to wear a camel or ivory coat and ditch the black puffer!  Think lighter when it comes to tights and shoes too – have you been in boots all winter??  It feels so nice (and feminine) to have legs be part of your outfit again…..I recently tried a lighter Wolford tight and they are amazing!  Called the Neon, they are semi-opaque and give your legs a beautiful sheen – BEYONCE wears them.  Good enough for me! At $49, less than most Wolford stockings and worth every penny. neon-403.  Spruce up your car –   With all the driving we do, our cars can be like our second homes….time to put the ice scraper and snow brush in the trunk, replace your heavy plastic mats with something more plush……a silly little car related detail I recently changed was my keychain…..I had been using a black fur pom pom – love it –  but it screamed ‘winter’ to me.  That just won’t do.  Packed it away till next year and replaced it with a colorful red leather tassel by Kate Spade.  How crazy, but that simple thing sparks joy.keysWhat do YOU do to welcome spring?

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  • I love this post…we have been blessed with this terrific weather it has totally put me in the mood for Spring. I’m a calalily gal and I’ve been buying them weekly…they look so pretty. Although I must say if Ginger ever saw the dust kitties in my house right now…oy. So Spring Cleaning is in the works for me. But I love my spring decorations. As we celebrate both Easters…my bunnies will be out til May! And thanks for the tip about the Wolford stockings.


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