Trump Women Inauguration Fashion – Can We Talk?

Perhaps the spirit of Joan Rivers is channeling through me – can we talk???  What did you think of the fashion choices of the first family?  Regardless of who you like and/or who you voted for, the inauguration outfits – while seemingly superficial – are deliberate choices that are intended to send a message and actually go down in history.  Can you imagine?  Most of us will choose an interview outfit, a first date outfit, a wedding gown. But an inauguration suit?  Holy mackerel! melania blue





Melania was the epitome of elegance. In her Ralph Lauren sky blue suit, matching gloves and simple pumps, just perfection.

melania gown 2





And her ivory off the shoulder Herve Pierre gown? Breathtaking.  What I find especially remarkable is the simplicity of her whole look – she did not go overboard with jewelry, hair, or makeup; a beautiful woman in a beautifully designed gown.  Serious, sexy, and powerful. Loved it!


ivanka kids
How adorable are the children’s coats? 😉

How about daughter Ivanka?  Did you like her white Oscar de la Renta pantsuit? I did, it was stylish without being distracting.  The asymmetrical jacket added flair while still looking conservative enough, especially with the navy pumps…

Tiffany trump boots




Speaking of shoes, I was not as much of a fan of sister Tiffany’s, which were black suede booties.  Now you know I love booties, but an edgy look for this occasion does not seem right – and not flattering!  With the longer length of her coat I would have preferred a pump or a fitted high boot…And why did the sisters both wear white? It probably was a conscious choice, but not sure it was a good one…

Ok, how about this blue dress on Karen Pence, our Vice President’s wife?  Made by a group of seamstresses from Indiana.  Sorry, but to me it looks like a bad bridesmaid’s dress.  I do not care for the bright color, do not like the style of the bodice (c’mon, either spaghetti straps or off the shoulder!), and all the fullness/rusching does nothing for her.  Midnight blue in a  more sophisticated style would have been my choice. Kellyanne





And lastly, Kellyanne Conway!  Joan Rivers would surely have had some off color comments about this ensemble and the ‘kitty’ buttons on the Gucci coat. Let’s be nice. The coat, while not something I would wear, is not all that bad by itself.  What I think killed it was the red hat and shoes…with a jacket that makes such a strong statement you want to tone down your accessories/shoes so it doesn’t look costumey. Maybe navy gloves, maybe an ivory hat or no hat. Maybe break up all the red/white/blue and wear camel suede high boots.  Just sayin’.

Ah, so tough to be in the spotlight. The paparazzi. All that criticism.  And we think it’s hard to decide what to wear to work!  😉

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