Undoubtedly Unpredictable

002 What to wear to work on this Monday morning?? How about my leopard skirt, have not worn that in awhile…pulled in on with a white silk shirt, a black blazer, and black suede boots. Perfectly nice, professional yet stylish. Hmmm. It is not sparking joy for some reason. Too serious. Shows no panache. Way too predictable. Quickly I remove the blazer and silk shirt – let me try again! Maybe mixing prints will do the trick, a polka dot blouse was an option, but this black equestrian print was even more fun!

JMcLaughlin top
JMcLaughlin top

When you mix prints there needs to be something that connects the two patterns and likewise something that is clearly different. In this case the color scheme connects, the patterns are nothing alike. Western belt (Ralph Lauren) with silver medallions belonged to Ginger.  Pretty sure it is an ‘investment piece’.

005 The black suede boots were not quite right, so I changed to leather riding boots – ok, now this is coming together!  Time to add a blazer/jacket – the black one? Tan leather? Both would work. Since I was steering away from serious, thought why not try a cropped cardigan sweater – as soon as I put it on  – JOY!  Loved that this outfit now mixed not only prints but textures too.

Generra sweater, Revolve
Generra sweater, Revolve

Cozy and cute at the same time! Added a wool cape for the chilly morning temps, then good to go!

Putting together an unpredictable outfit definitely takes a bit of extra time so don’t attempt it when you’re in a hurry. Also, sometimes looking serious and predictable is appropriate for the occasion.

Unpredictable – according to multiple dictionaries this word has a negative connotation, “not capable of being predicted or depended on; difficult to foresee”.  In the fashion sense, I see it as a positive –  adding adventure and creativity to one’s personal style.

Ladies, what do you think?

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  • Hello Candy
    I hope you’re doing well. I personally don’t like the blouse nor the skirt,specially not together (looks too busy)! I like the Generra sweater and the boots.

    Have a wonderful and fun day!

    • As my dad always says, that’s why Baskin Robbins has 31 different flavors! Thanks for taking the time to comment, that’s what makes this fun.

  • Hi Candy…… way to mixed for me…love each piece but not together…..
    hope you had a great day…..

  • Candy,
    The outfit looks beautiful on you. I love all the pieces but I’m not adventurous enough to wear them together. My favorite piece is the blouse:)


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