Men and Scarves: The Why, The How


Assuming that the majority of my readers are female, maybe you know a fella that would find this post interesting. Maybe he NEVER wears scarves. Maybe he only wears a scarf when there is snow on the ground, or when temps are below zero. Maybe YOU would like to see him kick up his style. Let’s start with the WHY:

1.  They look sexy. Your significant other will instantly take notice. Gay or straight, makes no difference.

2.  Scarves add style to an otherwise bland outfit, whether casual or dressed up. With jeans, with a suit, with sport jackets, puffers, dress coats.

3.  Scarves on a man shows confidence. Confidence is sexy. (Leads right back to #1)

4.  They are not only for ladies, they are actually ‘manly’.  Worn by men for over 2000 years, with the world’s military wearing them as rank insignia.

5.  Scarves keep you warm.  Yes, a  practical purpose! Even a lightweight synthetic around your neck will keep you comfortable when it’s breezy –  indoors or out.

Patagonia jacket, John Varvatos vintage flag scarf

Ready for the HOW?

Here is Peter in a vintage flag scarf purchased at the John Varvatos store at the Copley Mall in Boston…It is soft modal fabric of significant length, can be worn different ways. Here he wears it European style by folding it in half then putting the two ends through the loop, like a noose. Wearing it a bit to one side gives it a more relaxed look.david-beckham-scarf



Another similar look worn by David Beckham with a crew neck sweater.




peter-scarf-suit When the weather is mild you can wear a scarf and forego a coat altogether (see pic at top, a look seen often in the streets of NYC)…Alternatively, wear a scarf as an accent with a suit as Peter did here. Leave it on after you remove your topcoat. Found this interesting sheer wool scarf with multiple patterns in Grand Central Station last year!burberry-scarf


You can’t go wrong with a classic Burberry scarf.  Yeah, it’s going to cost you more than a few hundred dollars but you will have it forever.



Prefer to start at a lower price point? Not a problem!  You can find beautiful scarves of different textures in all price ranges.  This great scarf and MANY more I found on Etsy for $19!




With a really long scarf, a great look is to wrap it once around your neck and let the ends hang unevenly. This is my stylish son Brad, wearing a Ralph Lauren wool/cashmere blend that is a checkered pattern on one side, plaid on the other.  Love how he layered it over a teeshirt, cardigan, and a tweed blazer.

Well ladies?  Are you going to show your man??? Maybe he already is a fan of scarves or maybe he will laugh in your face?  C’mon, let me know! 🙂

P.S.  Peter used to laugh in my face.

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  • Good morning,Candy,
    My husband enjoys wearing a Fedora with a scarf… very classic!
    Have a wonderful weekend!



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