Urban Chic 2021

It all started with this Instagram ad by Lattelier…how cute is this oversized satin trench! When I checked out the price, it was on sale, originally $228 marked down to $188. Not bad, but my hesitation: how often would I really wear it, it’s a layer that’s strictly about fun, not practical at all…I decided to pass…


In an ivory color instead of copper, but both colors work for me…the brand is Something Navy, and best of all, the Revolve price – a mere $59!

I’m all for splurging on a classic blazer or any timeless piece, but If an item is trendy and not something you are likely to wear often, always better to spend as little as possible!

Here’s how I styled it recently heading out to meet my sister for dinner at a casual spot…the weather was warm, so a lightweight topper was just right…

With an oversized, loose-fitting outer layer, keeping the pieces underneath fitted and simple is key…I opted for leggings by Wolford with a Free People crop top…if you are over 50 and/or hesitant about wearing such skimpy or body conscious pieces, wearing the oversized trench is a good way to try these styles without being too exposed.

Even indoors, I prefer to keep the trench on as part of the outfit because it is such a statement piece…

You could also wear it buttoned up and belted over a little black dress and a pair of booties…

This was a whole new style for me and fun to wear – especially to embrace wearing sneakers out in the evening when I normally would only wear a heel…as you might have surmised, the sneaker choice was for the look, not because I was comfort driven. 😉

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.

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