Strong Opinions On The Soccer Field

Two grandmothers on the sideline of a Saturday morning soccer game, having animated discussions of one topic after the next – about the next strategic play of the game, about the regulations of youth soccer, about their grandsons’ aptitude? Ha! Not for one minute. The heated discussion was about fashion, aging, short shorts, and flip flops! While we definitely did not see eye to eye, it was such fun to debate these topics and I hope that you will join in the fun with your comments!

Because there is quite a bit to cover, I will break this into three separate blog posts…as for today:

  • Are you “elderly”?
  • High heels – yay or nay?

My friend proudly calls herself “elderly.” She is over 65 and as you know, I am 63. If I live to be 85 I will not call myself “elderly!”

To me, the word ‘elderly’ implies weakness, frailty, someone who is slowing down, someone who at times needs assistance – NOT ME! (And to be frank, my friend does not seem so either!) Perhaps the comfort in calling yourself elderly is about letting go of expectations, choosing to slow down and/or give up on the ongoing effort to look a certain way…why define yourself by an age term at all? Instead, define yourself by your passions! (ie, foodie, avid reader, gardener, world traveler, golfer, grandmother…)

While you’re ruminating on that, let’s move on to shoes…

We all know that as we get older there is an increase in the chance of health issues for all of us…aches and pains of some sort are inevitable…because of this, my friend said that ‘elderly women’ choose comfort shoes over high heels because they aren’t worth the pain. GASP! (Did someone just score a goal??? No…haha) To this – while still on the soccer field, I loudly replied, “Fashion should never be painful!!” This applies whether you are 25 or 75 – fashion should never be painful. We both agreed that this would be a good statement on a needlepoint pillow. 😉

Let’s get back to the topic of high heels…there is certainly a time and place for high heels – not when you have to walk blocks through the city, and not when you are traipsing after your grandchildren…worn selectively, they elevate any outfit, from jeans to dresses, and there are many options to find the heel height that works best for your feet and your lifestyle…

Finally, some women may never have enjoyed high heels to begin with! Like anything else in life, it is a personal style choice. As for me, I have always enjoyed wearing heels and will wear them as long as I am physically able…

Elie Tahari heels, worn just last week

They do not give me pain, they give me pleasure. If that ever changes, maybe then I will change my tune.

Facebook pic, Yolanda and her husband; 2020

Yet – at the grand age of 86, the glamorous Yolanda Cellucci has not changed her tune!

Now let’s hear from YOU!!! Are high heels a thumbs up or thumbs down? And would you call yourself “elderly”??? Looking forward to hearing your comments!

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  • I always loved wearing heels, but arthritis in one foot now makes me avoid anything higher than about 1-1/2”. I’ve recently retired from a finance position in healthcare, and have to admit my criteria now for shoes is comfort and cuteness! I will never refer to myself as elderly!

    • Thanks for commenting Donna! At least you can still wear a small heel!

    Thanks for the June Jumpstart. This post definitely hit the mark.

  • Elderly? Never!! To me it sounds frail and as though you need help. High heels, yes whenever the situation calls for them. But as I am a language teacher in a large elementary school, (some days i clock two miles) it is mostly loafers.

  • Elderly? No! Heels? No! Golf Shoes? Yes!! Travel? Yes! Flip Flops? Only on the beach! Thong Sandals? Everyday!

    • Never a heel??? Date night??? Anniversary celebration??? Hahaha! 😉

  • Oh my goodness – Yolanda! What an inspiration! I’m almost 58, and I haven’t given up on heels. I’m just more selective about what I wear and when. There are comfortable heels out there, it just takes more time, effort, and money to find the good ones. They have to feel good on me straight out of the box—heels don’t get more comfortable the longer you wear them. For a heeled sandal I recommend Stuart Weitzman “nearly nude” (just under 3 inch heel). I wouldn’t go for a hike in them, but would wear them for a cocktail party or date night. And I will never call myself elderly—too many negative connotations!

    • Yolanda is truly amazing! And, yes, I also love Stuart Weitzman shoes, they are one of my faves. Thank you for commenting!


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