Valentine’s Day Delights


Remember Valentine’s Day back in grade school? Everyone would decorate their own cardboard box with an opening at the top to slip in secret valentines to all classmates…with paper doilies and Elmer’s Glue, we would spend hours making and signing the cards, often with special attention to ‘a certain someone’….when you were a young adult, Valentines Day may have been an exciting opportunity to receive flowers and/or go on a romantic date…….are you over it all now??? Think it has become too commercialized and you just treat it like any other day? C’mon, ladies, life is short – we should embrace any opportunity for celebration and sensual delights – with or without a partner!

THREE of my favorite Valentine delights:

      1. Sweet Treats  –  You have been eating healthy and exercising since the beginning of the year….it’s ok to indulge in some chocolate now and then, dark or milk, maybe with raspberries, maybe with caramel, or my preference, sea salt…..Mmmm…..maybe you enjoy baking and will create some goodies to share with others…..linzercookies

Linzer cookies and dark chocolate molten cakes are two decadent options, whether you make them yourself or head to a bakery!




2. Champagne – The sexy fluted glasses, the pop of the cork, the bubbles – it creates an instant air of festivity!  Pink champagne all the better!  Dim the lights, light some candles, and who needs reservations??  With a small amount of effort, you are setting the tone for romance……even if you only have one glass, it creates a MOOD. 😉


3.  Clothes  –  You knew this was coming, right?  Whether you are going out to dinner with hubby or out with you girlfriends, have fun with your outfit!  Valentines Day is an excuse to kick up feminine or sexy styles – think lace, ruffles, pink, red…..maybe you are going casual – why not wear jeans with a romantic lace blouse?  Sometimes all you need is a pop of red or pink – scarf, shoes, lipstick…..

Sexy and sweet at the same time....Wear with jeans!
Sexy and sweet at the same time….Wear with jeans!
My Wolford 'Rose' dress...a fun Valentine's Day outfit from the past...
My Wolford ‘Rose’ dress…a fun Valentine’s Day outfit from the past…
Do you dare?
Pairs well with champagne……..

Valentine’s Day is for everyone – young and old, couples and singles, gay and straight……maybe it will be a romantic evening, maybe a fun night with friends, maybe a chance to just pamper yourself…….so pick up some sweets, get that bottle of pink champagne, and search your closet (or a local boutique) for something that makes you feel ‘delightful’.

Happy Valentine’s Day! OXOXO

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