Cold Night, Warm Hearts

011 Doing another post about Valentines Day was not in my plan, but the challenge of the weather and clothing choices changed my mind! Peter and I had dinner reservations for Saturday night at Rialto in Harvard Square, a fairly last minute selection that turned out to be wonderful – elegant, delicious, and only a five minute ride away….as you might imagine, I had decided what I was going to wear days (ok, yes, weeks) in advance:  a  shoulder baring, low-cut black dress that I would wear with sexy red suede Manolo Blahnik pumps, sans stockings – bare legs is how I like them best…..Oh, it’s going to be the coldest day of the year????  Uh, no problem, I will wear a fur coat and only need to walk from my front door to the car, the restaurant is accessible through the parking garage….What?  Below zero? With wind?  Deep breath……. ok, the hell with the frigging Manolos, this calls for my suede Aquatalia BOOTS!  Fortunately I had a dress in my closet (actually worn on Valentines Day a few years back) that suited the occasion perfectly……..

Wolford 'Rose' dress
Wolford ‘Rose’ dress

Wearing a turtleneck dress made of a fairly heavyweight nylon blend was better for the cold night – While I was completely covered up, the body conscious style still offered sex appeal……and no bare legs!  I was toasty in Wolford nude tights that feel like cashmere, and very warm – yet feminine – boots.008 Hot pink gloves from Sermoneta were a perfect accent with the black fur……..

Ralph Lauren suit
Ralph Lauren suit

And how about my Valentine??? As I was applying my lashes, in walks Peter to show me what he was wearing – “Wow! You look f-ing great!”……. What surprised me was not that he wore a suit, but that he wore the fine Italian wool scarf, the pocket square, and put it all together so nicely! He blew me away!001 Details make such a difference for men just as much as for women…..scarves, gloves, pocket squares, socks, shoes….they all add character, they add visual interest, they show sophistication…..Peter valentine
Cold outside???? Nah!!!

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